Things you can do with a feedsack


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Since I have farm animals, I have feed sacks and sometimes those feed sacks are made out of a woven plastic material and sometimes they are paper bags.  I use the paper bags to put trash in and I was wondering what to do with the woven bags.    As it is starting to get cold here, I decide I needed something to carry wood in, the buckets are just so heavy.  So I cut up a feed bag, borrowed a Carpet needle from my mom because I couldn’t find mine, and set to work to make myself a little carry bag.  I used the string from the feed bag as thread, but half way through sewing one strap, hubby talked me into taking it all out and using the thread from a thing of para cord he had gutted.   By the time I was done, my hands hurt and I was ready to chuck it in the trash.   I tried it out as soon as it was done and it worked just like I expected it to, I have enough to make one more and this time I am using my sewing machine now that I know it can be done on one.  To use the sewing machine, I will have to go buy a #14 needle and some heavy duty thread, but it will be done so much quicker and I will have time to do other things.  It took me just about all day, to make one.

Who knew there were so many shades of ORANGE!!!!


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So yesterday, I had to run an errand.  My BRIGHT ORANGE Halloween shirt, had a sleeve that had come unraveled.    Who knew there were so many shades of orange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I stopped at walmart first, I was at one of the larger town’s near us and had forgotten that they didn’t have a fabric section, only a craft section, I didn’t want to have to drive to the next largest town with a walmart.  So I stopped at Hancock Fabrics, they were out of orange, but had spots for about 7 different shades.  So then I went to Hobby Lobby, they had three of their 10 shades left.  I decided that the one labeled Quamcaut was the closest.  I was able to fix my orange shirt and have it in time to wear to our churches Halloween party.   While I was out, I decide to stop by Home Depot and price what it would cost for a project I wanted to do would be.   I had for a while a fascination with water pond’s,  one year for my birthday, my husband got me one.  It so happened that he was doing computer work for a guy that had bought one for his wife and she ended up not liking it.  So they traded some of the cost of the computer work and the guy paid was was left over.   I had the pond set up for a while, and even had goldfish in it.  Then the pump broke and the fish disappeared( I still think it was the cat’s ), so it sat for a few year’s gathering water that I would then empty, because it looked and smelled nasty.  I kept toying in the back of my mind, with the idea of turning it into a plant container.  Well!!!!!  Yesterday I finally did it.   I went and bought potting soil, plants and I cleaned up around where I wanted it, put the pond just so, drilled holes in the bottom of the pond, for drainage.  and planted the plants.   It took 5 bags of potting soil, each bag of potting soil was 1 1/4 cubic feet worth, I had bought 10 bags as I wasn’t sure how many i needed.  I bought one of each color of Pansy, that home depot had,  then I bought ,two vinca vine ( I almost went with a ground cover called Dragons Blood. It has very pretty red foliage)  two maroon, two yellow, and two orange mum’s.     It ended up that about three inches down, I hit clay, so I had to fill the holes with water, wait while it softened, and then I could continue to dig the holes deep enough to plant.     I was really worried that, it wouldn’t come out like I wanted it to, it is the first real landscaping I have done other than adding a turn around to my driveway and planting the Gardenia that my mom gave me when I had my oldest.   Around the same time I got the Gardenia, I did plant some glads and irises that my grandmother gave me.

Pillowcase Skirts


Posted by kat | Posted in Hobbies, Sewing Projects | Posted on 14-12-2008

I wanted to make the kids Christmas presents this year; I was doing a search on line for easy to do Christmas presents and came across a do it yourself site that talked about Pillowcase Skirts.  Hereare just a few links that are about the pillowcase skirts.

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