Scrabbled Eggs


Posted by kat | Posted in Geocaching | Posted on 25-03-2012

Yesterday,  we went to a Geocaching event that was called Scrabbled Eggs.  It was put on by three women that call themselves the Tick magnets, and it was a lot of fun.  It started at 9am and was over around 12:15pm, we had to go to 8 different caches and get an egg from each location.  In the egg was a VERY well SEALED scrabble tile and each location also had an chick egg, that was a first to find egg.  The chick egg got you a special prize, the prize ended up being a 5 pk of Cadbury eggs, which my husband LOVES.  After you got all eight eggs, you then went back to the starting point and they then gave you your tiles and you had to come up with a  single word, using seven tiles just like in the game of scrabble.  We came up with SWEATED and received 11 points, which won us a prize.  Our prize was a wonderfully painted ammo can, which I plan on using for a cache that I have planned.  We had lot’s of fun and other than our older two kids bickering most of the time.

The Return Of Buckeye Banzai


Posted by kat | Posted in Geocaching | Posted on 31-01-2012

Several years ago, when we first got into geocaching, we hid a cache called Buckeye Banzai.  We named it this for two reasons, one we live on Buckeye and two my husband liked Buckaroo Banzai when he was a kid.   We had fun coming up with items to put into it and we had fun caching as a family.  Because it was near our house, we figured that it would be a great way to meet cachers and keep an eye on it.   This was a great plan in some ways, and not such a great plan in other ways.  Yes! We meet lot’s of very nice cacher’s, and we did do a fairly good job at keeping the cache maintained, Or at least we did until we started having health issues and our kids were old enough to now get into the cache, but not old enough to know you needed to leave items to replace the items they took.    We decided to archive the cache, until such time we could take care of it again.    After being away from caching for a few years, we decided to start caching again and to replace the cache.   Unfortunately we waited too long to have it unarchived and so we are renaming it The Return Of Buckeye Banzai, and we hope that we can do better at keeping it maintained.

Back in the Geocaching Saddle


Posted by kat | Posted in Geocaching | Posted on 28-01-2012

Today, we went to the MGC breakfast event cache, it was our first cache in 6 years.  I had a baby shower to go to, so my husband took the kids, and found a few until I was done.  We then went and found a few more, and got some things to put out another cache with.  I found the perfect micro container at Tractor Supply and can’t wait to put it out.  GeoNana, went with us for a few of them, and it was such a nice day for caching.



Posted by kat | Posted in Geocaching | Posted on 21-01-2012

About 9 years ago we got into geocaching, then in 2005 just after having our third child, we were so busy that we stopped geocaching.  Recently a friend asked me to take her caching, so I guess I had better dust off the GPS, and find some of the easy caches to take her to.

GPS and the fun you can have with one


Posted by kat | Posted in Geocaching | Posted on 14-12-2008

You got a GPS?  You like to find hidden treasure?   Then you should look into a fun game called Geocaching; you take your GPS, look up caches at and your off on a grand hunt for treasure and you even get to leave great treasure.  We leave our signature Gowen Family Elongated coins when we find a cache.   There are diffrente types of caches and it is a great way to get out and enjoy the outdoors.

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