Drought, Drought and more Drought.


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It seems like every year just about since I moved here to Georgia, that they say it’s either the hottest or driest year ever.  This year seems to following the same pattern, it’s almost the end of May and we have already hit triple digits, either because of the heat index or by actual temperatures.   I always try to use containers to catch the rain water, which I then use to water the garden and other plants, it has been so hot that it dries up or I have to top of the container’s from the hose.

My grass is usually nice and lush until at least the middle of June, but this year it is already turning brown, except for where the animals have splashed water everywhere.

My garden hasn’t done much this year, because between the heat and lack of rain, even with me trying to water at least every other day or so, half of what I planted didn’t make it.   I do have some tomato plants in  two Topsy Turvy’s that my husband bought me that are doing well.

The goat’s who usually have plenty to eat and I don’t have to start feeding grain until winter starts, I have already had to start supplementing grain to and they have enjoyed the trees that were chopped down to make way for the fence.

I usually only have to water chickens every other day, but what with it being so hot, I have to water everyday.  The ducks seem to stay in the kiddie pool and I try to keep it as clean as possible, but with them in the pool all the time it stays rather messy.   Both the baby ducks and the chick’s, just about have their adult feathers.  I ended up with two female mallards and two male mallards, I already had one male from before, so I am not sure what I am going to do with the other two.   I may sell them just like I am doing with the two male goats.  I had bought four production red chick which were sold as pullets(females), when I bought the ducks, but I am not sure if they are really are or not.   I am still having troubles with telling if the peking ducks I have are male or female, I am hoping to figure that out in a few weeks when they start making more adult bird sounds, they are still peeping right now.

Baby Ducks


Posted by kat | Posted in Our Ducks | Posted on 21-04-2011

It took me what seemed like forever, but I finally found replacement’s for the four baby mallard’s that I had hatched and sold.  I made $12.00 on them, which almost paid for the bag of feed, that I had to buy.  I am hoping that I can eventually get my lone male to join them in the coop I am going to build and then I can hatch out and sell the ducklings.   I wish I could do the same for chick’s, but not real likely, since I would then have to figure out a way to vaccinate them for all the disease they can get.

Four little Ducky’s, went out to play!!!!


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OK! Well only sort of have they gone out to play.  I posted a few weeks ago, about the mommy duck that was sitting on a nest of 11 eggs, we went out one morning and the duck was gone.  There was a few feathers and seven eggs were left in the nest.  I immediately, brought the eggs in and set them up in the incubator and put the incubator in the back bathroom.  It usually reccomends that you let the incubator settle by running for a day or two, before adding eggs.  I didn’t have the time to do that, so I was really worried that they wouldn’t hatch.   I tried candeling the eggs, but I couldn’t tell if any were bad or good.   I had several issues of getting the temp right, they are supposed to be incubated at 99.5 degrees.   The incubator was as low as 85 and as high as 105, we still seemed to have 4 of the 7 eggs be viable, I am not sure about the last three eggs.   We had to be gone part of today, so I checked them right before I left and they were still only cracked.   We got back and checked, two had hatched.  One was all dry, the other was still wet and a third you could see the feather’s on.  My youngest, who still doesn’t understand leaving them alone, helped the third one hatch.  It seems to be doing fine, ducks are a bit sturdier then chickens, so we will have to see how long it continues to survive.

UPDATE:  As of 6:30am of April 12th, the last egg had hatched.  Came home after dropping kids off and it was all dry, so it is now in with the other three ducklings.

Fluffy Duck!!!!


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Yesterday, I was out side and noticed that the female duck(Hen)was missing.  I figured that something might have gotten her, just like the last three ducks.  I found her tucked up next to an old dyer we had moved out side, when it had stopped working.  She is sitting on about 10-12 eggs, she is very mothering, as she hisses and fluffs up when you come near her.  As one of the kids found out, she doesn’t have any problems with trying to bite you, if you get too close.   I can’t wait to have some baby ducks, and hope that she ends up being a good mommy.  I am not sure how many will hatch, but I am hoping that they all hatch.



Life in the country and the pro’s and con’s


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This morning at about 2:45, the goat were bleating like crazy, since I was having trouble sleeping anyways, I got up to check on them.  I saw two big white dogs, over by the garden in my compost heap.  I have been sticking the burnable trash there as it gives me a way to add ash to the mixture of things.  It also helps me keep my compost pile at a manageable height.   Anywho, it looked like they were dragging a bag of trash out of the pile, but it ended up that it was my Pekin duck’s, all that was left of them was a pile of feather’s and a wing.  This is one of the con’s of living in the country, that if you don’t have a fence up and or a way to lock up your animals at night, you won’t have anything left of your animals.   Another con is that you might have to drive aways to get to town, and to get feed for said animals.

Pro’s are the amazing star’s you get to see without all the light polution, the room the kids have to run, climb tree’s and have fun.  Pro’s are having the room to have animal’s for the kids to enjoy.

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