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Ok, So I am a geek of sorts, but I am not a very good geek.  I love computer games, but I SUCK at them.  I love techy gadget’s, almost as much as my husband does, but where he seems to have a hang of things pretty quick, it takes me FOREVER to get the hang of it.   My first computer(Family Computer) EVER, was a commadore64 that I wish we could have talked my mom into keeping, when we moved to Georgia, it had some of the best games.  Our next computer was a Mac, and one of the first role playing games was Wizardary, which I still have fond memories of playing for many an hour, instead of doing chores or homework.  Next we got a Mac that could run both PC and Mac stuff, it was pretty cool, but there is something to be said for each type of computer.   Then when I got married, I had a HP that my inlaws didn’t need anymore, so we ended up with his and her computers in a way.  My husband and I, played the same games, but always wished we could play each other and or the same game as a party.   The playstation and those type of gaming systems made that fun, but most of the games were Legend of Zelda, Wizardary for the PS2 and a few other minor role playing games but they were just not quite what I was looking for.   I think found Runescape and have played that off and on for a few years, I even got a friend of mine HUGELY hooked on it and he got his two kids hooked on it.  Recently my husband started playing Dungeons and Dragons online, I grew up on the cartoon series, he grew up on both the game and the cartoon series.   Where am I leading with this?  Well! I recently signed up, so that IF and WHEN, I ever get as good as he is at playing computer games, that we can have yet another way to spend time with each other.  It would be really neat if eventually, we could play either Runescape or D&D on the Wii, for some strange reason, I don’t have as much trouble learning the controler’s.

WOW!!!! What a blog


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So I was looking on the internet to find away to get my blog/website seen a little more( OK, OK so I want some more comment as most are mine) and I found this GREAT website.

Can I SAY IT AGAIN, WOW!!! What a blog.

WordPress Coins


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When my husband first started using WordPress, he found out that there what is called a WordCamp, they are held all over the US and in other countries.  Last year he attended WordCamp Birmingham, I posted about this in a previous post, on the way home we talked about how cool it would be to make a WordPress coin.  We then found out there was going to be a WordCamp Atlanta, so we quickly contacted the planners, to find out how many would be coming so we could bring enough to pass around.   WordCamp Atlanta was also where we made a coin that was spesific to them, and we were a in like kind sponsor, I then mentioned to my husband that I would like to send out to other WordCamps the WordPress coins.  It so happened that several of the attendee’s had mentioned the WordPress coins to several people from Automatic, I was able to get a hold of the lady in charge of like kind sponsorships and she was nice enough to post a picture to the organizers blog that WordCamp has.   We had several very nice comment,s on our coins that we handed out at WordCamp Atlanta, I started looking for WordCamps that were coming up and contacting the planners, to offer the coins.

WordCamp Miami, is the first of three WordCamps that we are sending out coins to, WordCamp Miami was held Feb 20th, 2010 and they had a great turn out this year.   They were expecting around 200 people to attend, so I made sure that I sent them enough for any last minute attendee’s.  I can’t wait to hear back on how and if people liked them.

WordCamp Fayetteville in Arkansas, is being held at the end of May and we will be sending coins to them. Not sure how many yet, as it get’s closer they are going to give us a number.

WordCampSF is a one day WordCamp, being held on May 1st.  They are expecting 1,000 people to come, I am still waiting to hear back on how many they would like us to send.

WordCamp Atlanta Day Two


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First session I went to was done by Rusty Tanton, it was on Google Analytics and integration into WordPress.   I didn’t understand any of the talk about code, but it was still very informative and the stuff I could understand will be very useful.   I am going to be going to a session by Tammy Hart on WordPress and working with clients.  I will then go to a session by Sara Cannon called WordPress and your brand.  I will also  be going to How to start freelancing with WordPress, by John Saddington, and then I will be going to Josh Hoch’s The blogs at Creating personality and engagement tools thru WordPress.  I am also looking forward to possibly getting help at the Genius Bar, just to see if I can get any idea’s for the business.    There was even a raffle after everything was done, I even won a book.

WordCamp Atlanta Day One


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My husband and I left our house at around 9:00am,  My in laws were kind enough to not only take our three kids for two day, but offered to take them for a third day so we could try and get an earlier start if we wanted.    Atlanta had gotten some snow the day before, but our trip up was fairly uneventful.   We did have to stop at Wal-Mart and get some gloves as I couldn’t find mine and for once I was COLD.  The business I own(Smashing Pennies) made up key chains to go in the swag bags, the first 250 attendee’s with get those and then I with the help of my husband, pressed 400 of the WordPress logo coins.

I actually understood some of what was talked about yesterday.  I sure hope the same can be said for todays session.  Even if I don’t understand some of it, it will still have been worth coming.

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