Shed, firewood and being organized


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So we have been working on the shed, trying to get it ready so I can move all our food storage into my half of the shed.  The picture below is of what we have gotten done so far.

The picture below is of the shelf I got on Freecycle, I got it to help organize my side of the shed. Right now it has items on it that belong is the shop side of the shed.

The picture below is of the bookshelf that I am going to use to organize the shed.

I have also been cutting down trees, trying to get my home orchard in, since most of the trees I cut down are hardwood, I have been stacking them for eventual firewood.  I wasn’t sure how much wood a family our size would need so I looked it up in my food storage program.  A family of 5, needs two tons of wood per year.   I was like great!!!  How many cords of wood is that?  So I got on Google and looked it up.  Thank goodness for Google!!!!  One cord of wood weighs two tons, a cord sounds much better than a ton, it sounds almost managable.   Ok, So now your wondering what a cord of wood is.  A cord of wood is 4 ft tall, 4 ft wide and 8 ft long.   So I now need to buy more of the firewood rack things, so I have enough of them to stack the wood on.  I have enough trees cut down, that I will be able to fill rest of the rack I already have started.  I would need to cut down more trees to fill any others, but that’s OK, because I have lots of trees that need to be cut down still.    I really like the 2×4 basic firewood rack kits, I found them on for just over $12.00, then I ended up at Walmart the other day and they had them for just over $6.00.   I need to buy three more set’s, if I want to have enough to put a cord of wood on.  The picture below is 2×4 Basic firewood rack system.
Blitz 90142 Fire Wood Rack

The picture below is of the wood that is 5 inches in diameter or less.

The picture below is of the wood that is 6 inches in diameter or more.

I so need a well house!


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I have lived in the same place for 11 1/2 years now, and have yet to build a well house.   Year after year, we battle frozen pipes, either under the house or at the well.  Two year’s ago we wrapped the well with insulation and a emergency blanket and a tarp, that wasn’t too bad, but we still had a few times it froze.   We had even spent $50.00, our very first year here and bought a well heat strip, it was supposed to keep the heat strip hot enough that the pipes won’t freeze.  It stopped working last year or the year before.    So today, I bought a canvas tarp since it is a little thicker than the plastic tarps, a heat lamp bulb and some outdoor duck tape.  I propped up several pallet’s, so that it has a tent effect and draped the canvas tarp over the pallets.  I will then put in a heat lamp and since the pallets will keep the tarp away from the light, should provide enough heat to keep it from freezing.

That should give me enough time to plan out and maybe build a proper well house.

Strawberry Beds Part 2


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After talking to my mom and dad, I decided not to tier the beds.  Since I have the wood already cut, I am going to make the little boxes any ways.  I filled the small boxes with enough potting soil to be 2 inches from the top of the boxes.

So I got the large strawberry bed, lined with the landscaping fabric.  I used a staple gun, to staple the fabric to the wood.

I went to our local fairgrounds, where they give away the manure from the shows they have. They are only open Monday thru Fridays, and since I don’t have a truck and have to borrow one, it was a little tricky get the compost.  The small beds I was able fit about 25-30 strawberry plants in each one, the bigger ones will fit I am guessing any where from 50-75 plants.

So here is a recap of what I did to make these raised beds.

9 2x12x8 boards @$7.14.  I had some of the boards cut to 4ft length and one cut to 2ft length, the short beds are 2ft x 4ft and the large beds are 4ft x 8ft.

3 4x4x8 boards @ $5.97.  I had these cut to 1ft lengths.  The large beds get three to each of the 8ft sides.  the short beds only get two to a side.

2 1lbs boxes of 3 1/2 inch long screws @ $8.47

6 bags of 1cubic foot potting soil @ $3.97

Total $130.00 to  make two Large beds and two small beds or 4 large beds or 6-8 small beds.

NOTE:  I might have the numbers off on how many beds, that can be made if you make all small beds.
I could have used at least two more bags in each bed, the dirt settles after you water it

Raised Strawberry Beds Part 1


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I finally broke down and bought the supplies for making Strawberry beds.  I was going to build them out of decorative stakes, but it was too hard making them meet up and not lose dirt.

So this morning I went to Home Depot, and of course going in I knew what I wanted and as soon as I asked for someone to cut the wood,  gave the measurements and I got asked if I was sure.  I of course wasn’t, now that they asked. So we drew on a piece of  what I was wanting.

I knew I wanted to make two beds, I made the first one 4×8 and then I made the second bed, that will rest on top once the 4×8 is filled 2×4.    I bought enough wood to make two 4×8 beds and two 2×4 beds.  That should be good for now, I don’t think that I should fill them up that fast.  I do need to eventually buy enough wood to make 6 more beds of each size.

Now I just have to line with landscaping fabric and then fill with compost and with the strawberries.

So you might be asking, how much I spent on everything.  I paid $7.14 each for 9-2x12x8 boards.  I had five of the boards cut, 2 I had them cut to 4ft and 2ft.  I bought 3-4x4x8 @ $5.97 and had them cut to 1ft and I bought two 1 pound boxes of screws that were 3 1/2 inches long @ $8.47.  The total to buy the wood and screws to make 4 strawberry beds was $106.05



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So I finally got a fence put up, took me about three days or so to do it.  I am sure your asking, why after all these months and even years, I finally got the fence up.  Well! Two reason,  One, I finally had enough saved up to buy wire and two, the baby goats were playing King/Queen of the mountain on my car.  They bent one of my windshield wipers and my husband and I, had finally had enough of seeing them on my car.  It is not up perfectly, as I don’t currently have $600.00 to buy all the fence post I need to fence  in the whole property, even at 8ft apart.  I was planning on using landscape timbers, they are $1.97 each.   So how did I put it up???  I wired and or zip-tied it to trees, it’s not exactally where I want it, but it’s close enough for now, I still need to find a good way to tighten the fencing up, but at best the goat’s won’t get out.

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