The Right To Feed My Family


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I live out in the country and I realize that I have not had to deal with the following issue, it is one of the many reasons I am glad I live out in the country.    What issue is that you ask?   Why the right to feed my family, by raising my own food, via a garden.

Recently a friend of mine posted a link to her Facebook page, it’s for a group called Georgia Food Rights.  Their website is, please check it out.  Normally I shy away from anything smacking of politics, but this is one thing that I feel really strongly about.   Basically the group got it’s start when several town fined homeowners that decided to change their landscaping from the normal landscaping you would find around a house to landscaping that would feed their family.  I have done edible landscaping around my house, I have raised beds, that I have been growing my fall garden in them.  I have gotten such a better crop from what I planted and I planted less then what I normally do, because I can better utilize the space I have.    I planted one packet of radishes and I had the same good crop that I get from planting two packets of seeds, straight into the ground.   Is it the raised bed or is it the fact that due to the raised bed I had to use compost to fill the beds.  I think it is a combination of the two.  Because it’s a raised bed and you have to use compost to fill it, the nutrients are not as diluted as if you put the same amount of compost on a regular garden and then tilled it in.  Even if you didn’t till it in, when it rains the rain water washes some of the dirt away and then dilutes it in another way.    ALRIGHT, Back to the issue at hand.  I did several google searches and found several headlines about people being fined, for growing vegetables in the city.  Hear are just two of the headlines I found, and I couldn’t believe it when I read the stories.

Georgia man is facing fines of up to $5000 for growing too many vegetables on his land.
Woman threaten with jail time for having garden

HOW is it wrong to grow your own food?  Why would this bother other people, especially since in the case of the first story he gave away food to his neighbors and sold some items at a farmer’s market?  There will come a time when we might need the Victory gardens of old, the garden’s that kept people alive during the war’s and other issues that have popped up for thousands of years.   I have heard of other case’s in other countries and shook my head and felt sorry for them, and felt safe in knowing that I didn’t have to worry about it, yet here I am not starting to worry about what I might just have to deal with someday.   The following pictures if from a story I read about a guy in Canada  that is having to deal with this issue.  I am amazed at the beauty and the thoughtful way he and his wife laid out the garden.

This one is when it was first planted
Lawn and Order: The Silly War on Home Gardening Escalates

This one is with it in full production.

Couple faces fines for this vegetable garden on Richelieu Street in Drummondville.

I am again amazed at the beauty and the skill with which they laid it out.

Even if you don’t plant a garden currently, but you want to have the right to plant a garden, make sure you know your states and cities rules.

Winter Plant Protection


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Today I bought some 6 mil plastic wrap, I bought a small roll that is 10ft wide and 20 ft long, it should be long enough to cover my raised beds.  Why do I need plastic sheeting you might ask?  I will be using it, to place over my raised beds so that I can protect them when it get’s too cold.  For now, it will just get draped over the plants, eventually I will build a frame for it to go over, or at least that the plan anyways.  Eventually I might even make a cold frame or two, but that might have to wait a bit, as for now it is more important to cover the plant so the frost doesn’t get them.  The weather here is hot one moment and cold the next, the poor plant’s are not sure what to make of it and things that should have stopped producing are still flowering and or have veggies still on them.  Just yesterday, I picked enough green beans and pea’s to take to a friend and I still have more that are close to being ready.   In a pinch, two walmart bag one inside the other works, as you can tie it around the plant depending on what type of plant it is.  Please remember that if any of the plastic, touches the leaves it will still freeze.

Fall Garden


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This spring, I didn’t plant a garden as I was trying to get raised bed’s in.  I got a few in and finally got them filled with compost and got a few things planted for the fall garden.

I have planted: Sugar snap pea’s, straight neck and crooked neck squash as well as something called Black Beauty, I also planted butternut squash.  The squash is doing well and has bloom’s on them already.   I also planted pickling cucumber’s, green beans, (salad bowl mix) lettuce, radishes, cabbage, broccoli and bell pepper’s.  I didn’t plant spinach, because it was listed in the salad bowl mix of lettuce, but I don’t think it came up, so I might have to plant some.  I didn’t plant any beet’s either, but I might just have to see if I can still plant them.

I have replanted most of my herb’s in the raised beds.  There are a few herb’s I still need to plant, but can’t plant from seed’s until spring.   Lavender,  Tarragon, Garlic Chives, Dill, Cilantro, and Chamomile.

What do you get????


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What do you get when using this

On 12 ft of this

To do this

You get THESE


I have a total of 8 blisters, four on each hand.  That’s what I get for not wearing gloves, but at least it’s all done now.

Herb Garden


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I love using fresh herbs in my cooking or even in my summer drinks.  Slowly over the years I have added herbs as I find them and as they sound neat.   Currently I have sage, pineapple sage, sweet basil, cinnamon basil, apple mint, spearmint, peppermint, chocolate mint, stevia, lemon thyme, thyme, oregano, sweet marjoram, rosemary, onion chives, dill, parsley, cilantro.

I need to find Garlic Chives, lavender, and chamomile.  I would also like to find fennel, but I bought a bulb and I am going to see if I can get it to grow from that.

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