To Market, To Market, Jiggity Jig


Posted by kat | Posted in Our Goats, Sandy Creek Farm | Posted on 24-08-2012

OK!, So I wasn’t going to the market to buy a fat pig.  I was going to market to see if I could sell the two male goats and one of the female goats.  I took them to the Taylor County Animal Auction, located in Reynolds, GA.  They sell every kind of fowl( chickens, ducks, doves, pigeons, turkey and guineas) I thought they only took chickens, or I would have taken my male ducks there.   They sell pigs, goats, rabbits and sheep.  I had never been to an animal auction before, and it was rather interesting.     The people that own and run it were very helpful and they even helped me figure out what the goats might go for.  They were even really nice about the fact we couldn’t stay till the end of the auction, they mailed me the check.   I got what I had hoped for on two of them and other goat while not quite what I thought still brought in enough that it was worth the 30 min trip.  I now have three less mouths to feed, one less goat to deal with at milking time and three less goats to untangle.   The kids loved looking at all the animals and maybe one of these day’s, when we have more time I will take them at let them watch the auction.  I will go back there again, and hopefully I will have more than just goat’s to sell, just wish that it was on the weekends.  They sell every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month.

Cheese Making


Posted by kat | Posted in Cooking, Hobbies, Our Goats, Sandy Creek Farm | Posted on 14-06-2012

So far, I have made two kinds of cheese.  Feta, which was very yummy and Mozzarella, which was very yummy as well, once I added salt.  I did find that even though Salt was an optional thing that the Mozzarella needed it.  I am hoping that once I get my cheese press made, that I will be able to make other cheeses, once I figure out how to cure them.

My first step into the cheesemaking


Posted by kat | Posted in Our Goats, Sandy Creek Farm | Posted on 29-04-2012

I am one of those types of people that likes to learn new things.  One of those new things I wanted to try was making cheese.   I have goat’s, so I bred them, to a sannen buck that had excellent milking lines and started milking as soon as I was able.   For the first week after the babies were born you can’t use the milk because it has colostrum in it.  I saved the colostrum and froze it for emergencies and gave the cat’s the rest.   Once the week was up, I saved it in the freezer and kept adding to it.  I ended up with 5 containers of various sizes filled with milk.  After I defrosted them, I had 18 3/4 cups of milk, or just over 1 gallon of milk.  I then put this on the stove so that I could pasteurize the milk, at 145F for 30 mins and then your supposed to cool it to 40 degrees.   Tomorrow I will be making the Feta cheese.

Milking goats


Posted by kat | Posted in Our Goats, Sandy Creek Farm | Posted on 09-04-2012

So milking the goat’s hasn’t been as easy as I thought in some ways and in other’s it’s been easier.  It took me watching about 5 different you tube video’s, about ten times, before I figured it out.   The milking stand I built had some issues but it worked, until today when the goat’s broke it, I think I have figured away to still use it, but I am still annoyed.  I am looking for one already made, that I can get that will make it easier.  I think I have about 1 1/2 quarts of milk that has been saved up, today I even got 1 1/2 cups from the two goats.

More Baby Goats


Posted by kat | Posted in Our Goats | Posted on 31-03-2012

Beckett my other doe that was due, had her babies tonight at some point.  She graced me with one of each,  so we again have a boy and a girl.  We will have to see if she is to be named Chrysanthemum or Delphinium.

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