Drought, Drought and more Drought.


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It seems like every year just about since I moved here to Georgia, that they say it’s either the hottest or driest year ever.  This year seems to following the same pattern, it’s almost the end of May and we have already hit triple digits, either because of the heat index or by actual temperatures.   I always try to use containers to catch the rain water, which I then use to water the garden and other plants, it has been so hot that it dries up or I have to top of the container’s from the hose.

My grass is usually nice and lush until at least the middle of June, but this year it is already turning brown, except for where the animals have splashed water everywhere.

My garden hasn’t done much this year, because between the heat and lack of rain, even with me trying to water at least every other day or so, half of what I planted didn’t make it.   I do have some tomato plants in  two Topsy Turvy’s that my husband bought me that are doing well.

The goat’s who usually have plenty to eat and I don’t have to start feeding grain until winter starts, I have already had to start supplementing grain to and they have enjoyed the trees that were chopped down to make way for the fence.

I usually only have to water chickens every other day, but what with it being so hot, I have to water everyday.  The ducks seem to stay in the kiddie pool and I try to keep it as clean as possible, but with them in the pool all the time it stays rather messy.   Both the baby ducks and the chick’s, just about have their adult feathers.  I ended up with two female mallards and two male mallards, I already had one male from before, so I am not sure what I am going to do with the other two.   I may sell them just like I am doing with the two male goats.  I had bought four production red chick which were sold as pullets(females), when I bought the ducks, but I am not sure if they are really are or not.   I am still having troubles with telling if the peking ducks I have are male or female, I am hoping to figure that out in a few weeks when they start making more adult bird sounds, they are still peeping right now.

Baby It’s Cold Outside!!!!


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Woke up this morning to 26 degree weather out side, took kids to school and by the time I got back home it had warmed up to 28 degrees.  I took a little time to break out the winter coats and looked for and couldn’t find the gloves.   The high is supposed to be 56, and after yesterday’s windy 40, it might seem like a heat wave.   Last night it was 30 degrees, and I took some warm water out to the goat’s as I had read that in the winter they like warm water and it’s supposed to better aid digestive track stuff.   Not sure if it is true or not, but they were treated to warm water.

The chickens haven’t laid any eggs lately or if they have they are hiding them.  I bought them some scratch to go in with their regular feed to try and up the protein.  We will have to see if that works or not, on getting them to lay.  They usually stop laying for a week or two, then they start laying again.

I still haven’t gotten the coop fixed, it rained and I really should take advantage of the nice soft ground to at least get the corner post’s in and maybe the side posts, that way when I have the time and stuff I can finish it.

The ducks seem to be loving the weather, at least from what I can tell.  I really need to make them their own coop so that I can move them out of the back yard, not that they haven’t done wonder’s for the grass.   Very few people seem to have green grass still and my yards are just now starting to turn brown in places.

I still haven’t gotten around to having our male goat fixed, I really need to get that done and SOON.  I do think he was able to get our female pregnant, as I noticed that her udder is a little bigger than it was before.  I might even be able to milk her afterwards, if she really is pregnant.  She is looking pretty big and she also seems hungrier than normal.

I have to say a BIG THANK YOU, to my brother’s who made short work of the wood plank’s that I am making my strawberry beds out of, I might actually get the project done in time to plant the strawberries that I ordered from the nursery.   I am trying a new type called All-Star, it is supposed to be fairly hardy towards the diseases that strawberries can get and they are supposed to be really good for sticking in the freezer.

Fall is in the air


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Fall is in the air, this morning it was 50 degrees when I woke up this morning, and I actually needed a sweater or sweatshirt, the high today is supposed to be in the low 70’s.  The trees still have green leaves on them, but the leaves are slowly changing color’s.  Some of the trees have yellow, orange and red leaves, and you can smell the hint of colder weather in the air.  I had a nice cup of hot coco and realized that I didn’t have any apple cider packet’s and or apple juice to turn into cider.  I took stock of what I need to get done for the animal’s, before winter really set’s in here.  The fence needs to be put up, at least around the small area I have cleared, and then I can let the goat’s graze all the time, instead of having to try and keep them in a small area that I had fenced.   The coop, for the chickens needs to be redone, as does the goat house and that needs to have straw put down in it for them.  I only got at far as figuring out supplies for the coop and what I wanted it to look like, every time I think I have a moment to work on it, something else needs  my attention more.  When the first frost hit’s, I’ll be digging up sweet potatoes, which this was my first real year to plant and they went crazy.  I be burning off the weeds in the garden, and my compost pile needs to be burned down as that is where I was putting all the burnable paper’s.   I will be planning what to plant as soon as January 15th hits, and if all goes well hopefully planning on buying some baby chicks, so that I have enough chickens to post a sign that I have egg’s and I will be able to keep up with demands.

Eggs VS Feed Cost’s Conclussion


Posted by kat | Posted in Our Chickens | Posted on 24-09-2010

So from September 14th to Novemeber 14th, I spent a total of $20.00 for just the chicken feed.  I bought a total of 100lbs of feed, that feed 13 chickens that I have.  I sold  2 Dozen eggs at $1.50 each for a total of $3.00 , so after paying back for the feed, I had a profit of $0.00 and a loss of $17.00.

It cost’s me, just over $1.50, to feed 13 chickens, and I make just over $0.00

Better try this again later, I know that I usually at least pay for the feed.

Eggs VS Cost of feed


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I am part of an online group that talks about Poultry, for the few who don’t know what Poultry is.  Poultry is another name for Chickens, any ways, this group is about raising and caring for them.   Most of you who follow my blog, know that I have 12 hens and one rooster, had more but as with any animals things happen and number’s can dwindle.   The other day, one of the post’s was how much did most people sell their egg for.   Most of that depends on region and size of your state and or town.    Here in my part of Georgia, I am lucky to be getting $1.50 a dozen for my eggs, as I am in a smaller town and most people would rather go get the $0.89 a Dozen eggs from the store.    I really don’t blame them, when I got into chicken’s, eggs were up at around $2.50 a dozen or there abouts.   Heck!!! Sometimes you can find a sale at Kroger’s and get them 10doz for $10.00, by the way I love Kroger’s ten for ten sale’s.

Anywho, I am off subject.   Most were getting $1.50- $6.00 a dozen, and were also commenting on how much they paid for the feed for said chickens.   Again most were paying $8.00 to 20.00 for feed, I pay $8.90 for 50 lbs and it lasts me about 1  to 1 1/2 months.

So for the next month or so, I am going to track what I spent on feed and what I made on selling eggs, I haven’t decided on if I will count what I eat or not, and post either a comment or another post about my findings

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