Smashing Pennies and other Elongated coins


Posted by kat | Posted in Elongated Coins, Engraving, Smashing Pennies | Posted on 07-09-2010

Well!  Biz has been slow and I have been using that time to try and come up with some more stock coin ideas.   We did a design contest, which didn’t garnish much, we had two people send in designs and the both were copyrighted.  I am finally getting around to re engraving, some Christmas images

My business, Smashing Pennies, did have two custom coin order’s last month, which was nice and very interesting doing one of them.  I always like seeing what people want on their custom coins.

I am working on making some wind chimes out of some of our elongated coins, I have everything pictured, I just have to figure out how to make it sound good.

I recently traded some EC decal’s for some coins to add to my collection as well as a special coin for my daughter’s birthday.  She is MADLY in LOVE with any thing that has to do with UNICORNS.

The Gowen Family


Posted by kat | Posted in Elongated Coins, Engraving, Smashing Pennies | Posted on 16-11-2007

Well! I had planned on doing better with posting things to a blog, and I do not know how a friend of mine does it. She seems to be able to post just about daily and do so much other stuff.

We are doing as well as can be expected. I have battled with six boughts of strep throat and on 11/26/07 will have my tonsils removed.

We have been doing OK, with our business Smashing Pennies ( where we make custom coins and just recently bought an engraver do make our own dies and we also started Fox Valley Engraving ( in September of this year.
We (as Smashing Pennies) will be attending our first bridal show on Jan 20th in Macon, GA. We are excited and are hoping it will help business some, we are also doing a coin for a childrens book by CeCe Bell.

Our kids are doing well and continue to be handfuls. Emily is our oldest and is in 2nd grade, while her grades are doing better, we still have issues with her and school. Erin our middle is in pre-k, she missed the cut off for kindergarten by 2 1/2 weeks, her teachers call her confidently sarcastic. She tells you like it is and can have the oddest facial exspressions while doing so. Jillian our youngest is 27 months and tries to copy her sisters the good and the bad.

Zac still works for the Fort Valley Utility Commission, doing their computer work. It is at least better than his old job.

I between being a wife, mother and homeowner also take care of all business things, needless to say that sometimes I feel overwhelmed.

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