Jan 18th 2008


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A while back we decided as a family; decided to grow our hair out as a family and then donate to LOCKS FOR LOVE, http://locksoflove.org/index.html this is a non-profit program that takes the hair and has wigs made for children that are cancer patients. The minimum is 10 inches; the more you can give them the more wigs they can make, My hair seems to grow a bit faster than the other members of my family, so I will wait to cut mine until the other’s have reached the minimum. If any one would like to join in with us; this group could really use the help.

Jan 7th 2008


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After being up and down last night with a sick and cranky two year old; my husband took the older kids to school for me. The formentioned sick child and I crashed for some much needed sleep; I woke with enought time to make it to the childs speech class, which I hadn’t cancled due to the fact she seemed to be feeling better. I thought our appointment was for 10:00am, when it was really 10:45am. The went ahead and took us early as they appointment that had the 10:00 spot was running late. She spent the whole time sitting in my lap and not wanting to do anything, so the speech teacher used it as a planning session for us. We came home where I started cleaning the house some and doing laundry. I made soft taco’s for dinner as it was quick and easy, they came out very good and I made enought that I can have some for lunch tomorrow. I had to battle with my oldest to get homework done; and it still is not all done, as she got most of the math wrong and it will need to be done again. In order for my oldest to get the toutoring that she needs for math next year, when she enters third grade, the school requires testing by a clinical pshycologist and have documentation of some sort of learning disability. So on the 10th of Jan; we get to go deal with all that hassel and I do not know what we will do if she does not qualify for the extra help. Currently she is getting help for math and that has helped keep her scores up, but that only works for her current school. News schools new rules and it really has me irritated, the fact that she is getting help this year should I think help next year.

Vacation to Helen


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We have been on vacation to a German style town called Helen, GA; we come up here each year the Friday after Christmas, and usually go home the friday after New Years. We usually have a week up here and we recently found out that there is one year when we have two weeks. My inlaws bought a time share up here in Helen; so that they would have a reason to take a vacation, and have time to spend with each other due to how busy they were with work. I have been coming to Helen for eleven years, the first time iI came up was the year my husband and I got engaged. It had been pretty cold up here and I commented to my husband last night it would be funny if it snowed. Well! This morning when we woke up there was a dusting of snow; I promptly woke him and the kids up and we all stood with are noses pressed to the windows, looking out at the snow. There is probably no more than 1/2 inch to an inch, but the kids are excited. There is a possibillity there we might get another dusting tonight, but you know how the weather can be.

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