April 25th, 2008


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Tonight is the Peach County Relay for life; from 7pm to 7am Saturaday, it is being held at the local highschool. We go each year; I this makes the 11th year we have gone, and it always amazes some that my kids outlast most of the adults that walk. We have lost several family members; on both sides of the family to cancer, and we think that this is such a great cause we don’t mind helping out. We even had an elongated coin made; that we donate all the money from to the realy for life, you can see it at http://www.smashingpennies.com/store/acs/index.htm

We have 2 weeks 1 day; before the eggs the hen is sitting on should hatch, the kids still ask if they have hatched yet and I still tell them not yet. What kids likes waiting when something neat is going on; I know that I sure don’t like to wait. I am going to try and figure out how to post pictures; but I am still pretty new to the whole blog stuff.

I got my squash planted; but now I have to plant the cantalope, watermellon and sweet potatoes. My youngest pulled up and ate the top off the califlouer( I know that is not spelled right) and so now I only have one plant left; I had nine but something got the others. My cabbage looks great; I have both red and the regular cabbage, my brocolii seems to be trying to make a come back. I am not sure how people garden with young kids and they just seem to ruin all the plants. Maybe that is why they plant so much stuff; so that it doesn’t matter if something gets a plant or two.

April 23rd 2008


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I got my garden in for the most part and have been loving every moment of it; we have been getting radishes, lettuce and spinich, I love going out to the garden and picking fresh veggies. My pea’s and beans are just starting to blossom; I have several rows that are also just up, I tried to plant a few weeks apart so I get a longer growing season. My tomatoes are also starting to bloom; I hope to make salsa this year on top of the tomatoe sauce I put up each year. I still have a few squash and cantalope to put in; I am also going to try sweet potatoes. I may not have enough room; but I can’t make my garden any bigger, so I had better figure out how to use it more wisely.

I have three hens; one of which is sitting on 6 eggs, and I am hoping they all hatch out. The kids will love to have the baby chicks around; and by the time they hatch out, it will be warm enought that I won’t worry to much. I love getting fresh eggs; it is like easter everyday!

I got a few landscaping timbers and started the front flowerbeds last week; it is slow going since I have to carefully weed the beds to make sure I don’t, pull up something that was acutally planted. I had started to plant things when we first moved in almost 8 years ago; but I sort of just forgot about the flowerbeds and what not in the chaos of having young kids, now that they are a bit older I can start doing stuff again. So far I have almost half of the flowerbed weeded; I did spray some weed killer on some of the tougher weeds, and now that it has had time to work I need to finish weeding. I have irises that a friend gave me that I will plant; and I noticed that my glads that I had planted had doubled, so I have some of thoses that I can seperate and plant.

I am still working on getting plants for the home orchard; but I still have some serious clearing to do in order to have room for them all. I did get a few blueberries and have some of them planted and need to plant the rest.

April 10th 2008


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Things have been beyond crazy here, I don’t know if I am coming or going half the time. Tuesday we had a DR. app to find out why my oldest is struggling in school; we should get the results soon, and find out where to go from there. Every monday and wendsday; I take the three year old in for speech therapy, it seems to be helping some. I have been picking up a friends kids from school; which means as soon as I get the girls, we head to get my friends kids. I used to get home at 3:00pm; now I get home between 3:30 and 4:00pm, which barely gives me enough time to help my kids with homework before dinner. I have also tried to work out in the garden each day; I have gotten lettuce, spinich and radishes so far, I have a few peas that have blossoms, but no peas yet. I do have some strawberries that will be ready soon and a tomatoe or two. I still have to plant squash, watermellon and cantalopes; my articokes did not make it, but I have plans to buy more seeds to try again. I just love getting fresh things from my garden.

I lost one of my chickens; I am not sure what happened, she seemed fine yesterday. The kids were a little sad; and asked when we were going to go get a new one. I hope that sometime in the next few weeks we can go get a few more.

I also hope to go buy landscaping timbers; and start making flower beds around the house, I so need to start planting flowers and making things look nice on the outside.

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