Aug 24th 2008


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What a crazy week this has been; my brother Doug got married on the 16th, and while on the way to his reception several of his friends were in a car accident. Things were pretty touch and go for several of his friends; and he lost one of his friends due to the accident, he had trained this young man while on his mission in Brazil. I had only met the young man the day before; while helping finish setting up for the reception; I was running late as usual and had dropped the kids off at school and the youngest off with my mother in law, so that I could help out more. This young man had me laughing and feeling better about my day, and I had only just met him. He had such a great spirit about him and I know that he will continue to touch many lives, not just the ones here on earth. My husband and my brother in law; as soon as they heard about the accident; went to the hospital to be with the ones involved in the accident. Several of my brothers friends have blogs about the accident and they do a much better job than I do telling all about it. The blogs are as follows:

New Schools, New hair dos and life in general.


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We started school on Aug 7th; the day before one of my (Rusty’s)brother’s weddings, Emily is in third grade and Erin is in Kindergarden. I wake up at 6:45am and get most of the things ready; then I wake the girls up at 7:00am, and we have to leave the house by 7:30am in order to get them to school on time. They are both in two diffrent schools; but at least this time they are next to each other. Next year when Jillian can go to school, they will all be in diffrent schools.

Doug my other brother gets married on the 16th and things are a little crazy do to all of the stuff we have to get done.

Emily was baptized on Wed the 6th; which also added to all the crazyness of things.

I am not sure how many of you know that as a family we were growing out our hair for Locks Of Love. Their website is; I have been donating hair since I was 13 or so, but this is the first time the whole family has done it. My husband got 13 1/2 inches, I had 12 inches, Emily had 10 and both Erin and Jillian had 6 inches.

I am also not sure how many of you know that we opened a drive in movie theater; it has been fun but it also has been hard work, and we are hoping that soon we will be making money instead of it costing money.

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