Our Goats


Posted by kat | Posted in Our Goats | Posted on 14-11-2008

We finally are getting around to clearing our 5 1/2 acres; and one of the ways we are doing that was to buy two goats, we are not sure what kind of goats they are.  The girls named them Maggie and Lucy; Maggie has horns and Lucy is what is called Polled or no horns, we got them Tuesday October 28th.    When we first got them they wouldn’t let us touch them and they would run if we tried to catch them.  I went out and got goat pellets; from the feed store and have been going out everyday and trying to let them get used to me,  Maggie is finally getting to where I can feed her out of my hand but still won’t let me catch her much.   I am sure that given a few more weeks; that we will be able to get to where we can catch Maggie, she has even let the kids feed her out of her hand if they will stand still long enough.   I am hoping that Lucy; will come around and let us catch her and what not, we are hoping to purcase two more goats.   I am looking at two nubian/ boer nannies.  I have really enjoyed having the goats so far and they go nicely with the chickens I have.

Our Chickens


Posted by kat | Posted in Our Chickens | Posted on 14-11-2008


Just a few of my chickens

Just a few of my chickens

I have 12 chickens; two roosters a bantam I don’t know his breeding, and my second rooster is a RIR Americuana mix.  My hens are mostly mixes; but I have one black tailed japannese bantam.  The girls named the rooster Buddy and the Black tailed Japannese is called Goldie.  We haven’t named all the other hens; but one of them we named Fancy Nancy.


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