Sad Day we lost Lucy


Posted by kat | Posted in Our Goats | Posted on 31-01-2009

Today I was out in the garden; and notice that one of the goats was missing, I figured she was in the front yard as that is where they go sometimes, I got a call from one of my neighbors and they asked if I was missing a goat.  I thought maybe she was in their yard; and I was like I’ll come get her,  then they told me they saw her dead on the side of the road.   The road is paved and while it has a post speed of 55; people tend to come around the corner faster than that. I guess she got more adventurus than we thought as she usually was never far from her sister maggie.   The kids are sad, but perked up a bit when I mentioned that we would get another goat at some point.

Finally have some things planted


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Yesterday I got two sets of onions in; I still have one set left to get in, but I wanted to get my lettuce, spinaich, and some of the other plants I have in.    I bought two kind of lettuce; red tipped and buttercrunch, I got both kinds planted and hope that we do not have any more really cold temps at night.   I got a new kind of spinaich it is called Vancouver; I sometimes like to try diffrent things and if I like it I get it again, it’s really the only good way to know what you like.    I also got the broccoli planted; I got early divedend and I think I liked it from last year, this year I plan on writing down what I like.   I still have to plant the cabbage and the califlower, which I should be able to get done tomorrow.

My pea’s are up and they are looking good; I can’t wait to have fresh peas, I couldn’t get more seed as they havn’t come into the seed store yet, but I am going to get more of the sugar snap peas that have edible pods as that’s what my kids like.  I also need to get bean seeds; I can’t find mine this year that I had left over from last year, I am hoping to plant enough green beans this year that I can put some in the freezer.

The radishes have started to sprout; some how a few seed got spilled on the ground and I any that I saw I have tried to plant where I planted radishes but I am not sure how good of a job I have done.

Egg Trading; a place to swap poultry eggs


Posted by kat | Posted in Sandy Creek Farm | Posted on 29-01-2009

I have been bitten by the hatching bug; and since my hens while they are laying, they are not very steady at it yet.  I want to be able to hatch chick to add to my flock and to sell or give a way if I want.   Since I really don’t want to order large batches of hatching eggs; I thought that I would offer to trade eggs for other eggs.  I started a site with this in mind that site is called Egg Trading and the link is ;  each state has their own section and  if you want to trade with other outside of your state you can, but remember to be careful when packaging eggs up for shipping.

1,2,3 TILL


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For mothers day one year I asked for a tiller; I was tired of always having to have my parent’s bring over thiers, so I could use it and then having to call them back and say it was ready to pick up.  Why would they have to bring it over??  Well! because we don’t have a truck, and it’s a little big to fit in my van.  So Anywho!  Back on topic.   I did TON’S of research; trying to find the best tiller for my money, and that was something that I could use.  My parents tiller is a troy built tiller that they bought from a salesman at the fair one year.  I think I was about 12 and we still lived in Oklahoma; I remember the big box that UPS delivered, we played in it for hours while my parents put the tiller together.   I also remember what a bear it was to manuver around the garden, but what fun it was to dig our bare toes in the freshly tilled dirt.  AGAIN IT WAS A MONSTER!!!!!  Even the used ones just like my parents were very pricey, and I didn’t want to feel like I was not in control of it.   So I looked into a Mantis Tiller; they have new ones or they have ones that were returned and still in excellent condition.  I purchased the latter as it was cheaper and came with the same warrenty as a new one.   I am VERY PLEASED with my tiller, it was well worth the money.    There are two ways you can till with the tiller; use it like you do a vacume cleaner or you keep it going forward, and you have to go over it several times.   I always use the first way; it gives me more of a work out and I think it does a better job of tilling that way.    So I was able to till two large area’s of my garden today; and have it ready to plant when I am able, I did go ahead and start putting in the onion bulbs, as they had already been sitting in water overnight and I didn’t want them going mushy on me.  I am hoping that the cold snap we had is over as I want to put out my cabbage, lettuce, spiniach, califlower and broccoli.



Posted by kat | Posted in Sandy Creek Farm | Posted on 25-01-2009

The kids are excited because the kittens now have their eyes open;  they don’t seem to be able to focus very well yet but the kids think its thrilling that they can see.

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