TWINS: A buck and a doe


Posted by kat | Posted in Our Goats | Posted on 27-02-2009

About three weeks ago; I was positive that my doe was pregnant, her udder was larger and she was having a discharge.   A goat has a 5 month gestation cycle;  since I did not know when she had been around a buck, I counted 150 day from when I got her which was October 28th.   Well!  I looked out my bedroom window this morning at around 7:00;  I saw a small black shape that looked just like our black cat smudge, I was still looking at it when it dawned on me it wasn’t a cat, it was a baby goat.  I quickly got dressed and went out and looked at the baby; while I was looking at it I heard a little Maa, it did not come from the one I was looking at, so I looked around and found that there was another one about 5 ft from where mommy and the first baby was.   After looking at them a little bit more; I have figured that one is a boy and one is a girl;  the boy is all white and the girl is black with one little spot of white on her head and white one leg.    We have not named them yet; but we are going to work on that very soon.

Here are the pictures of the goat family

maggie-with-baby-girl  maggie-and-baby-girl-picture-2  my-youngest-and-baby-boy  maggie-with-baby-boy-and-baby-girl  maggie-and-baby-boy

Playing The Guessing Game With A Goat


Posted by kat | Posted in Our Goats | Posted on 24-02-2009

When I got the goats the owner said that Maggie had been in with a buck; but they were not sure if she took or not, if she had she was supposed to have delivered at Thanksgiving they said.   Well! Thanksgiving came and went and not a baby to be seen; so I figured that meant that she wasn’t pregnant.  I noticed her udder was starting to look fuller; I had joined a few goat groups and I posted a few pictures of Maggie in hopes that someone could tell me what is going on.  One of the very nice users suggested laying my hand flat just in front of her udder and waiting to see if I could feel anything.   I tried it when they suggested it about 2 days ago and felt nothing;  I tried it again today and thought I felt something( wanted to make sure it wasn’t her flinching), I waited just a little bit longer and I felt it again.   I waited an hour or so and tried it again; this time I felt it and I also saw her stomach move.    I am excited but I still have to play the waiting game as I have no clue to when she is really due.

We lost Goldie and Buddy today


Posted by kat | Posted in Our Chickens | Posted on 16-02-2009

I went out to check on the animals as I usually do in the mornings, and I found Goldie and Buddy dead.  It looks like something got into the coop and ate them.   I guess that is what I get when I put them in a coop by themselves and not make sure that it is not animal proof. I thought for sure that I had done a good job and making the small coop, but I saw a place or two that an animals small enough and hungrey enough could get in and get to the chickens.    I really liked having the two small bantams and they will be missed, I do have one of her last eggs in the incubator and so I hope that it hatches and then I’ll be able to start over with the bantams.

Farm Animal Trading


Posted by kat | Posted in Sandy Creek Farm | Posted on 13-02-2009

I started a new site, on a suggestion of a very nice lady I recently met online.  The link is
This site if for anyone that has farm animals and would like to trade for other farm animals.  Check out the site!!!!

42 eggs, 4 kittens, 1 goat and a garden


Posted by kat | Posted in Gardening(herbs, flowers,veggies and trees), Sandy Creek Farm | Posted on 13-02-2009

I have 42 eggs in the incbator that are of different type of eggs; some are Easter Eggers, and the rest I have no clue what breed they are.  They are due to hatch the first week in March; that is if nothing goes wrong and I can keep my youngest from opening the incubator anymore,  I found it open this morning and the temp was at about 70 when it should be at 99.5.  I also get to wean the kittens in the next few weeks, they are 4 weeks old today and are able to be weaned between ages 6-8 weeks.  I think my goat might be pregnant as she is starting to look a little funny, if she is I am guessing that she could be due sometime in March.    I have my garden planted with the things that can be planted; and am planning where I will put the tomatoes and other things I can plant in March.    I can’t believe that February is almost over; it sure seems like we just got started with the year, and yet we are already two months into things.    I started tomatoes inside and they look really good; they can go out about the middle of March, I hope that we don’t get a late frost or it won’t matter how well they look, they will end up frost bitten and may or may not make it.   I have started Roma’s; 3 different cherry tomatoes, Red cherry, Supper Sweet and Jelly bean.  I  still have to go get the seed for the Large tomatoes, I might just also spend the money and buy them already started.

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