Locally Grown Foods


Posted by kat | Posted in Sandy Creek Farm | Posted on 21-03-2009

While looking around on the internet; I came across a really neat site, it is called Local Harvest.  The website is www.localharvest.org; I really think it is a cool site and I have already found some neat sites that I can’t wait to look up.

Gardens and Chickens don’t mix


Posted by kat | Posted in Gardening(herbs, flowers,veggies and trees), Our Chickens | Posted on 20-03-2009

Well! My garden was looking really good; and I thought it had been in long enought, that if I let out the chickens that they wouldn’t do too much damage.  Boy! Was I ever wrong; I now have no lettuce, spinich, or radishes left and most of my peas are down to nothing as well.   I am sure they will come back; but I don’t like keeping the chickens in all the time either.   They need to be out roaming around and eating bugs and stuff.   My strawberries they have not gotten to yet; but I am going to make the fence around them taller, as I have 6 plants that have blossoms on them and I want strawberries.    Chickens need about 4lbs of feed a day; so even though I have free feed for them, I find it easier and healthier to let them out as well.   This is the first year I really remember the chickens destroying my garden, but then again I my have not let them out in to the garden as soon as I did this year.   I still have so much to plant and so little time to do everything.   I hope my garden survives the chickens; I really do not want to have to pen them all the time and I don’t want to lose all the stuff I planted and what not.

Ducklings and Turkeys


Posted by kat | Posted in Our Ducks | Posted on 20-03-2009

Today I stopped at Tractor Supply Company;  as I wanted to see if they had any ducklings in yet, I have been telling my husband and kids that I wanted to get some.   Tractor Supply had assorted ducks in; but since we are wanting them for nearer to Easter, we did not get any even though they were beyond CUTE.  I picked up the kids and of course I had to go and semi blab what we were doing;  I would have been find if my middle child hadn’t been asking me questions about when Easter was.   I really wanted Indian Runner’s; but no one around here seems to carry them, and I really don’t want to order 25 ducklings.  I’ll have to see if I can order them later from a hatchery, when I find one that has a lower minimum order size.

We are also going to be getting some turkeys and rasing them up for  turkey dinner for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I am really excited and I will have to figure out where to put them as they can’t go in with the chickens or the ducks.

Baby chicks everywhere


Posted by kat | Posted in Our Chickens | Posted on 05-03-2009

Sunday March 1st when I left for church;  there were two eggs with chips out of them, I couldn’t wait to get home and see how many had hatched.   I was somewhat disapointed; that nothing more had happened by the time I had gotten home,  I had what started out to be a good hatch rate.  I was up to all but 10 eggs that did not have any chips out of them;  I had several that never did more than cracked the shell.  I still have one left to hatch; and if it hatches I’ll have 17 chicks out of 36 eggs.

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