Way Behind


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Well! In some ways I have done better at gardening then I have in the past; but in other ways I have done worse.    I had all my peas in alot sooner than I did this year, I still have two rows to plant.   Last year I had my corn and squash in already and I just planted my squash today, I still have to plant corn and I am not sure where to even put it.  I also had my beans in already and I still need to plant them, as well as the sweet potatoes.   I do have some potatoes in; I planted them in buckets this year and we will see if that helps with me knowing where I planted them any easier.  I  also planted okra this year; I tried last year but only got a few okra.   I also need to plant my cantalope and watermellon soon.    I am hoping that even thought the chickens got my califower and the broccoli that I can still get something off the plants as they are just now putting leaves back on.  My onions seem to be doing well and I did get my peppers planted; I am hoping that the peppers and tomatoes do well this year, so that I can make salsa.      I still have ton’s of weeding to do and I really need to get stakes for the tomatoes and the cucumbers.   I tried to get only heirloom type tomatoes so that I can get the seeds and cut down on the cost of my gardening, heirloom plants mean that they are good to save the seed from and they will be just like the plant that you harvested from.  Hybrids you won’t know what you get if you take the seeds and plant them.  I am trying to find a list of all the heirlooms plant that way I can only plant those kind of plants.

New Ducks


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I went to replace my daughter’s duck yesterday; her peking was the one that was killed Friday, they were out of Peking’s so I got four Mallards.  They are about 2 weeks old and I can’t believe how tiny they are, they are black and yellow and are SO CUTE.   I told her she could have my Peking and when they get more in next month I’ll get a replacement then.  She is still pretty up set about it all., as she told me that maybe I should have not gotten any more ducks.  I’ll post pictures as soon as I charge my camera battery.

Stray Pitbull Dog Killed My Daughter’s Easter Duck, and right in front of her.


Posted by kat | Posted in Our Ducks | Posted on 27-04-2009

I DO NOT CARE what anyone says about Pitbull’s; they are mean and nasty dogs and I can just about prove it.    I know you all have heard about the horror stories about Pitbull’s and you all will say, it is all in how they are raised.   I have known many Pitbulls and I KNOW VERY FEW THAT ARE TRUSTWORTHY.  

I had already that morning called the Sherriff’s office;that morning to find out what I could do about the dog, they sent a deputy and he told me that unless it attacks somethig, I could not shoot it.   He was able to lure it away; and I went about my morning; did not think anything more of it until I had passed this same dog on my return from getting the kids.    Friday as we were doing chores; before we went to the Relay for Life,  a stray female pitbull came in the yard and started chasing the animals, to make matter’s worse all the kids were out there with me.   I did try yelling at it to go home; not that it would of worked,  it then went after the chickens and ducks, one duck was unable to get away, no amount of shouting and throwing sticks at it would make it drop the duck.  It just so happened that a friend of mine who lives near by called me and I told her what was going on, and she drove right over.  I sent her up the road in the hope that it had dropped the duck on the way out and it somehow made it,  she was able to find the dog and the duck, she was able to get the duck away, but the duck had been hurt to bad and did not make it.   There is nothing as heart wrenching as to tell a 7 year old child that it’s pet that it has named is dead.  I had been at another neigbours house; when some of his son’s friends showed up and I remember that one of them said he had a pitbull, I sent my friend up to the house to see if the guy’s son could tell me if it was his.  They showed up and said it was not theirs and that they did not know where it came from; while they were there it ran up my driveway and around the back of the house, towards the animals the three of us run back there in time to see it chase the goats and almost catch one.  It then took off after a few chickens and then came back around to try for the goats again.    They finally cornered it; and offered to take it away for me.   My husband had already left; to go help set up for the Relay for life, and I was supposed to be there as soon as we were done, which shouldn’t have taken as long as it did.    I did call him and tell him why were were going to be late, and he said he understood and just to get there when I could.  All I can say is that I hope it ended up in a gully dead somewhere.   I know for a fact that if I had left and they hadn’t taken the dog away with them, I would have come home to lot’s of dead animals.   

IF THAT WASN’T ENOUGH TO MAKE YOU NOT LIKE THE BREED;  I will then tell you another story that happened just a few day’s before this duck attack.

Was at a friends house; they had asked me to watch their dog’s for them; they had to go out of town due to a death in the family and I of course said yes.  They have pitbulls and I knew this when I said yes, I showed up at their house for the walk through and while we were out side one of the dog’s attacked my youngest.  We were lucky the dog was on a chain and that all my daughter walked away with was a fat lip and scratches.  They keep the dogs on ziplines, due to the fact they have no fence up yet and if the dog had been off of it, I WOULD NOT have a child at this monent.  It took me beating on the dog’s nose with my child’s shoes to let go of my daughter’s clothes.  The owners’s wife and I was not more than 20-25 feet away when it happend.  They let their childen outside to play with theses dogs all the time and only check on them every few minuets.    This  dog had never offered to do anything before; your are most likely going to say well then my child must have done something to the dog.   Yes! SHE WENT OVER TO PET IT,  the owner of the dog took it to the vet and had it put down, as if it was going to do it to one child, there was nothing to keep it from happening again and to their children.    


What’s in a name???


Posted by kat | Posted in Sandy Creek Farm | Posted on 21-04-2009

OK!!!! A few people have asked why my blog is called The Gowen Family; when most of, if not all is about my animals.     When I first started my blog; I did write about my day and about my family, but then I wanted to do something different as well.    At the time I already had a blog called the gowen family; and I didn’t really want to have to think about what to call it,  as well as at the time I didn’t have a name for our mini farm.   I know it’s more in my head that we have a farm; but  technically we do have a farm, I looked it up once and it said anything that was 5 acres or more was a farm.    It wasn’t until recently( in the last month or so) that we actually had a name and I don’t think I want to change the name of the blog anyways, as it might get confusing for me.   I have a hard enough time keeping up with things to post about and I had wanted to post if not daily as least weekly.

Man they grow fast


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It has only been about a week or so; since we got the ducks, but I can already tell they have grown and they are a little heavier than they used to be.  I was letting them swim in the wheelbarrow; but there was just not enough room, so I bought them a kiddie pool when I got the kids one(my kids LOVE WATER). The ducks love it; and the kids LOVE watching them swim around and splash, they sat there for at least a hour today, after school watching the ducks in the pool.   I was able to get one of the ducks; to eat out of my hand and two of them have figured out how to get out of the pool, but not in to the pool, which we will not have to worry about as they get bigger but then they might also need something bigger to swim in.    I do have pictures; and I will try and post them as soon as I can, so that everyone can see how big they are now.   I can sort of see the whiteish feathers they will be getting; when they are almost grown, we will have to wait and see how many boys and how many girls we ended up with.

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