Tomato Overload???? I don’t think so.


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A couple of weeks ago; I went to get feed for the animals, and they had a deal on tomatoes that I JUST COULD NOT PASS UP.    They had twenty tomato plants for $4.00; that is about what I pay for NINE of them.  They had two types; Rutgers and a hybrid, I got a pack of each, so today I went out and planted 4o tomato plant.  Yes!!!  It was just bit of a stretch to find places for all of them seeing as I still have other things I need to plant still, like corn, cantalope, watermellon, sweet potatoes and squash.  The beans go along the fence so I don’t have to worry about them too much.  I do hope to make salsa if the plants to well enough, last year I planted 12 plants and got 6 tomatoes.   



Easter Ducks


Posted by kat | Posted in Our Ducks | Posted on 08-04-2009

We told the girls several months ago; that we would let them each pick out a duck for Easter, our local feed store was supposed to have some in time for Easter, the order has yet to arrive.  So yesterday when I had a Dr. App for my oldest we stopped at Tractor Supply and bought them their ducks; they did not have anything except for the white Peking ducks, which I was dissapointed in, we should have gotten them last month when they had the Pekings and the mallards.    They were doing well this morning and are just SO cute.  I’ll try and post the pictures I took yesterday.  I will also try and post pictures as they grow, so that you can see them as they get bigger.


Three days of rain=FLOODING


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Yes! you read right FLOODING.  We have had three days of rain; and while I am glad for the rain, it is making for some yucky weather and some very muddy footing.   Several of the surrounding counties; have canceled school at least for the kids tomorrow, the county I live in last I checked was not one of them.  You can read about it here

Part of my coop is flooded; when it starts to dry out it’s going to smell, which is the one thing about my chickens my husband doesn’t like.  I try and keep it cleaned out as much as possible; but this weather doesn’t help, and it’s another reason I like letting my chickens out.    The kids LOVE playing out in the rain and while I enjoy watching them have fun the mud they end up getting all over themselves and then track into the house is not so fun.  The goat’s don’t seem to mind the rain too much; I saw the babies out romping around in it earlier, and with the baby goats and my kids chasing each other made for even more of a mess on my kids.

Garden Update


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The pea’s that I have left from the chickens eating them look great; I can’t wait until I can eat fresh peas right off the vine.  The chickens ate all my lettuce and I am having to wait until it grows back; if it grows back, I notice a few spots that looked like they took the whole plant.  I get to plant tomatoes in two week and I am so excited; I had to go get some feed for the goats and they had a bundle of 20 tomatoe plants for $4.00 they only had two types but that is such an AWESOME DEAL.  The two types they had were rutgers and a hybrid; they both make a large tomatoe.  I am and I am not thrilled with all the rain; it means I don’t have to water but at the same time the weeds are going crazy and it has been too wet for me to get out there and weed.  I have been told that ducks and geese do a better job at weeding than chickens do, I sure hope that is true, or I might have to find a taller fence to put around my garden.   I also want to try something called a no till garden.   You take a bale of straw get it wet and plant the seeds and or plants right into the bale of straw.  I have read you can also mix in some potting soil so that the plants have a little extra stuff to help them grow.  I think this sounds like a good way to use a small space or use a large space and get more out of it.  Supposedly you can use the bale of straw twice before you have to replace it.

Baby goat’s offically have names


Posted by kat | Posted in Our Goats | Posted on 02-04-2009

After much debating;and going back and forth with the kids on names, they now have names.  It has only taken us a month to name them; I had an easier time nameing my kids, than I did the baby goats.  The girl’s name is midnight and the boy’s name is snowman, my middle child is thrilled that we choose her name for him, but is not thrilled that I have said we can’t keep him, I did tell her she can help pick out the next goat we get.

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