Duck Eggs VS Chicken Eggs


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Several people have asked me; if I can tell the difference between the duck eggs and the chicken eggs, the most obvious difference depending on which egg I am cooking is the size.  The Peking duck eggs are 1 1/2 chicken eggs in size; the Mallard eggs are the same size maybe a little smaller, than the chicken’s eggs.  They are firmer (yolk) than a chicken’s egg and they are harder to crack, as for the taste if you making scrambled eggs or egg sandwich you will be able to taste that egg taste a bit stronger in a duck egg than in the chicken egg.   If you are making it into something like mac and cheese, brownies or a cake you will not be able to tell the difference in taste.



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I know that Christmas is still TWO WHOLE MONTH’S away; but I decided that I was going to make as much of the Christmas presents as possible again this year, the last time I made handmade presents was about 5 year’s ago.  I have been working on idea’s and what not since August; and I hope that I can get everything done.   Bellow is a list of the few things I have come up with to make, and that I actually already know how to make.

Hotpad’s I know how to make two kinds one is on a loom and the other is by making a sack out of cloth and filling it up with rice and or wheat.  They can also double as heating pad’s when heated for 1:30.

Doll clothes for my neice’s and for my kids( Yes! that mean’s that I have all girl’s)

Bookmark’s  I make these by cross stitching them, but I also have made some by using laminate and adding flower’s and other things.



Dried fruit and leather( I call it leather the stores call them fruit roll up’s)

One year I made this awesome carmel and pecan icecream topping( wonder where I put that recipe)

Dry Mixes( for things like lemon poppyseed muffins, soups, cookies, bread’s also know as gift’s in a jar)

Thing’s that make you say…… HUH?


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This is a list of things that make me just a tad bit weird; I’ll add to the list as I remember things that my friends, and family find weird about me.

When we buy a tub of butter; I will not let anyone mess with the design in the middle, and I call it a butter belly button.  And Yes!!! I do sometimes get upset when someone does mess with the belly button.

I believed for the longest time that if you covered someone’s head with a blanket that you could suffocate them.  Even growing up, I never stuck my head all the way under the cover’s once I was ready to fall asleep.  I always made sure that there was a small opening or that my nose was always sticking out.

I would put olives on the end’s of my f ingers and then eat them off.

I still like to color in coloring book; they keep me more entertained than they do my kids.

I call my husband’s computer’s his square headed girl friends; he has quite the harem of them.

I have to name just about everything; even if I don’t always remember the name and that includes nick names.  My kids have at least 5 nicknames that I call them by.

When talking to my husband about the budget; I have to give the exact amount, for example instead of saying $700.00 I would say $685.99.

I do not like to decorate for the holiday’s until it is the first of the month that the holiday is in.  It drives me nut’s to go to a store and see Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff all out at the same time.

I can’t not sit on the couch watching my favorite show’s with out some sort of running commentary.  Such as:  You idiot; it’s dark in the basement, don’t go down there without a flashlight.  I am doing better about not doing this.

I love animals, BUT I CAN’T STAND it when they lick me.  Now if I am feeding it something and it’s licking my hand that’s different.  But I can’t stand it when a dog or cat walks up to you and just starts licking away at my leg, hand, toes or what ever it can get to.  Even as much as I love horses, I don’t like horses doing it either.  Don’t get me wrong I really do love animals,  I have a small farm worth of animals they just better not lick me.



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WordCamp Atlanta
Friday January 8, 2010 – Saturday January 9, 2010from 9:00am – 5:00pm
Georgia Tech ATDC
75 5th Street, NW Hodges Room, 3rd floor
AtlantaGeorgia 30308 is now again the new website is

The site is looking great; and I think both B. Sheats and Cdharrison did a great job.

Duck Egg Mystery Solved


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So a week or so after my LONE female Peking duck started laying; I stopped getting eggs and and I wasn’t sure why, I figured that she just wasn’t laying regularly enough yet.  That happens when they first start laying; I was hoping that she wasn’t going to end up like my chickens and start hiding the eggs.  Still wasn’t getting eggs; so I started looking for a nest site, went on a trip with my dear husband and the day after we got back I found her on a nest.  She had 13 eggs in the nest; and since she went through all the trouble to hide the nest so well, I am going to wait and see if she hatches out all 13 eggs or not.  If not I am going to pull out the incubator and try and hatch them and any other egg’s she might lay in the nest.   Glad to have solved that issue.

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