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OK!! My husband and I were talking, we were talking about advice and how often we give it.   I told him I didn’t give advice that often, and that it was only given when asked for.  Which led us to the topic of this question and answer.    Below is my thoughts on this and then I will post my husband’s thoughts on this at a later point and it will be called part 2.

My thoughts:
I might be very simplistic in my thinking, but your only giving advice IF the person is asking for it.  If you ask a question to clarify something IT IS NOT ADVICE.  For example:  Your at work, your having issues with something and a co-worker comes in and is talking to you about it.  He or she tell’s you what the issue is and you then ask him a series of questions, is that giving advice or is it clarification????   Let’s say that the issue is that something broke down, it’s close to quitting time and you really need this piece of equipment.  Is asking if you have time to quickly call around, and see if you can find this same thing for rent, giving advice????  Or is that asking for clarification as to what your allowed to do?

For me asking in a question is not giving advice, but saying something like Go rent a machine before it get’s to late, is giving advice.

Bah Humbug!!!!


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Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE CHRISTMAS.    But for some reason this year, it just crept up on my way faster, than I expected.  I was hoping to have everything made and the few things that had to be bought.  I am no where near ready for Christmas, let alone in the Christmas spirit.   Maybe I got burnt out on seeing Christmas items way back in October, but for some reason, I feel like I need more time to get ready.    I love spending time with family and friends, I love the tradition that our families have.   Some are more annoying than others, but they are still fun.   I love the meaning of Christmas and what that means for us all.

My family
opens one present and their stockings, we then make breakfast of potato pancakes, which are LOADED with garlic and we have bacon and orange juice.  We then start unwrapping presents, we are not ALLOWED to rip the wrapping paper unless we have permission from my parents.  We all take turns opening one present at a time, and we don’t move to the next person until everyone has seen the previous persons present.   We usually then stop at around 1 or 2 in the afternoon, we finish off any left over potato pancakes, and then start a family project or take naps.  We then finish unwrapping any presents that are left, and start putting together a puzzle.

My husbands family
Makes sure that at least one of the first presents that is opened are pajama’s and if anyone wants they can change into them.  They rip the paper and no one has to wait turns, but you do have to make sure you show the gift to everyone.

Never need a Thumb drive again


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A friend told me about a site called DropBox, it is very cool and I signed up for an account.  I can save documents, and even share them as well.

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