One missing goat+Kids=Three upset kids and a mommy.


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Yesterday the kids, noticed that our mommy goat(maggie) was missing, I know she was here Saturday morning when we went to our churches pancake breakfast.  We were gone maybe two hours and I think I saw her when we got home, but I don’t remember, I spent 2 hours looking all over our property and some of the neighbours looking for her and I spent at least an hour and half looking for her today.  My three kids are very upstet and I am miffed that she is missing and not knowing what happened, her baby Midnight will not stop try to call to her and this also has the kids upset. 

A friend of mine, just recently lost her angora rabbits, she is positive that someone stole them and she was only gone overnight.   Another one of my friends is missing 6 of her cows, and they were all calves which made them easier to move.



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I was given a 6Pk of cabbage for my birthday back in October09, I didn’t get it planted like I had wanted to but I planted it today.   I just hope it makes it, four of the six survived the goat’s, and I would hate to see them not make it.  It was such a nice feeling to be out working in the garden.  If for some reason these do not make it, I’ll either get some seeds or I’ll buy some already started.

Egg Count Jackpot!!!


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A few day’s ago, I was pleasently surprised that I got 16 eggs out of the 17 possible eggs, that is the best I have ever had.  I had 7 yesterday, this is about normal and I have had as many as 10 or 11, but I have never had 16 eggs and I know that they were all laid that day, because I double checked to make sure I had all the eggs the day before when I gathered the eggs.   I love counting how many eggs I get and seeing the color’s, I can’t wait to get a few more colored egg layers in the near future.

How do you find time?


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Recently a friend asked me how I find time to do everything.  I told her I don’t!!!!!  I run two businesses and, I also have the small farm to take care of, 18 chickens, 8 ducks(4 of which have taken residence at the neighbour’s pond, it borders our property) 2 goats (that would rather eat the duck feed than their feed) 6 cats, 3 fish(2 goldfish and one beta) and a hermit crab.  On top of all the animals, I also have a garden and three kids plus the housework.  I have to say that my first thought it to let the housework go, with the kids in school I am doing much better at staying on top of the housework.   I have been trying to help my family eat healthier so I am back to making food from scratch( again because I have time with the kids in school) and I LOVE TO COOK.     Three weeks ago, a huge tree limb fell on my coop and broke part of it, I have it shored up until I can find time to fix it and figure out HOW I want to fix it.  I still haven’t built my shed that I have wanted since we moved in almost 10 years ago.  I also haven’t gotten much of it fenced in as I do things as I can afford them and as time allows.

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