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This year I did something I have never done before, but had thought of doing, I took in a soil sample to find out what my garden is lacking so I could grow a better garden.   It cost me $6.00 and I took a handful of soil from all over the garden and they sent it off, to a lab and when I get the results back it will let me know what I need to add.   It might be lime or I might need to as some fertilizer until I can compost better, then I’ll add that each year.  I also broke my garden up into sections, so that I will only have to till each section instead of the whole garden each year.  I should have taken before and after pictures but I didn’t think about it until I was sitting here writting this.   I can’t wait to see if the soil sample ends up paying for itself in a better crop of plants or not, but I guess only time will tell.

So far I have planted. 
Lettuce( volunteers from my mom’s garden)  Spinach, 10 volunteer onions( will need to go buy more) and a row of pea’s( have had to replant twice( once to goats and once toeither my kids or the ducks) If it was the ducks they did a nice job weeding around the bigger plants, but got all the little weed looking peas.    Today I planted Cucumber’s and Squash.

I still need to plant.
Tomatoes, Pepper’s, corn, green beans, okra, sweet potatoes and lima beans.

The JOY of working in a garden(except for the weeds, not that I don’t mind weeding) is beyond anything that I can put into words.  There is a great soothing JOY in working your hand’s through the dirt(or your toes) and being able to think about nothing except for what your doing.   I felt so refreshed after working in the garden today and more at peace with things( granted that lasted about 30 mins) but for the time I was in there it was nice to just be and not feel rushed and like I HAD to be somewhere.

Another thing I am going to try is planting Marigolds in between the tomatoes, I have read and heard they are great at keeping the bugs away and what not.  I really would like to find a better way of taking care of the bug than cemicals, but trying to do organic can be very pricey and doesn’t aways seem to have the same effects that cemicals can.   I at least try and limit what goes on my plants, so I can try and eat healthy and my family can be healthier as well.

Cooking Link’s


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When I am looking up recipies that I know I had at one point but have lost I use.

I found this link via a friend

Triple Chocolate Marshmellow Nut Brownies


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I was talking to my husband earlier today (around 9am) and he already was having a not so good day at work.  So I thought I would make him some brownies for him to share with the guys that he works with as sort of a pick me up.  So here is the recipie( I sort of modifed it a bit) the recipie comes from a book my brother in law gave me called Where’s mom now that I need her, by Betty Rae Frandsen, Kathryn J. Frandsen and Kent P. Frandsen 

Triple Chocolate Marshmellow Nut Brownies
(I call it this becuase I use dutch cocoa, it’s stronger than regular cocoa)

1/2 cup Butter or Margarine
1 cup Sugar
1 t Vanilla
2 Eggs
1/4 cup Cocoa
3/4 cup of flour
1/2 cup Chopped nuts
2 handful’s of your choice of chocolate chips(IE: mint and dark chocolate, milk chocolate, semi-sweet and or peppermint)
2 handful’s of mini marshmellows (you can use the large ones, but I find the mini’s work best)

Melt butter and let cool.  Stir in Granulated sugar and vanilla.  Beat in eggs, beating well between each one.  Stir cocoa and flour together and blend into creamed mixture.  Blend in nuts, marshmellows and chocolate chips of your choice.  Pour into greased and floured 8-inch pant bake at 350F for 25-30 mins Do Not Overbake!!!!  I have also added in Butterscotch chips and this make it good as well.

Neat Emergancy Prep Sites


Posted by kat | Posted in Emergancy Prep/ Food Storage | Posted on 09-04-2010

While looking for things I wanted to store in my food storage, I ran across this site, for 29-40.00 a month they will send you food storage.  I started looking at other sites that might be out there, so the following are some of the ones I found.

Chicken Coop


Posted by kat | Posted in Farm Projects, Our Chickens | Posted on 08-04-2010

Several months ago(OK! maybe only a month or two) I had a tree limb that fell on my chicken coop and knocked over one of the back corner’s of the coop.  The chicken’s cannot get out and I don’t think anything can get in, but it is held up by a peice of wood shoved in like a wedge.  I finally have the deminson’s figured out and so now I can work on the coop, I told hubby that I wanted to make it larger, so that if I ever wanted to get more chickens, that they would all fit, and I am going to split it in to two part’s, a run and then where their food is and where they lay the eggs.  I’ll try and remember to post pictures when and if I get it finished.

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