Newest Addition


Posted by kat | Posted in Our Goats | Posted on 23-05-2010

So yesterday, the kids and I brought home a loaner goat, to help with the lonelyness of our sole remaing goat, Maggie is still missing and we have given up hope of her returing home.    So a friend of mine had a few extra bucks and I let the kids pick one out.  We have it on a trial for now and then I have the option to buy it if I want to.  He is 2 months old and we have not named him yet, he is much friendlier than Midnight and I hope that he stays that way.  He is a dairy goat and his breed is a Saanen, all white and they are sometimes called gentle giants as they can reach the height of a small pony.  If we keep him, I want to train him to pull a cart, that would be neat for the kids and would be fun to try as well.    I might even see in a few months if she still has his brother and maybe make a team to pull a cart.  I had thought of keeping him for breeding purposes, but I think I am just going to borrow a buck as I am not sure I really want one around with the kids.

The Chore Box


Posted by kat | Posted in House Projects, Uncategorized | Posted on 21-05-2010

Growing up, my mom tried several different ways to get us to clean house, not sure where she got it from, but the thing that worked the best was the Chore Box.  She took a box and stuck the chores in the box and we picked one and did it when that was done we picked another one and did that one until they were all done.

Here is what you will need:
1 3×5 Index card box
3×5 Index cards a (pack of 100 should be enough, white or the colored ones)
Pen, marker or pencil
1 stack of tabed cards with months on them
1 stack of tabed cards with days on them

Take tabbed cards with months put them in order starting with CURRENT MONTH and then put in tabbed days starting with CURRENT DAY.  Label all index cards with tasks that are needing to be done and how often you want them done. IE: wash dishes daily, vaccum  Living room floor every other day, fold laundry daily.  IF you want to you can also mark the cards with a value amounts and have the kids earn money doing chores, IE: Wash dishes 75cents, vaccum  living room floor 25 cents.   I also abbreviate how offten I want to do the chores. D= Daily M=Monthly W=Weekly Y=Yearly and EOD=Every other day

You will start out doing all cards, wether or not they are weekly, monthly daily or every other day. You then draw cards, until all cards are done, if you draw a card that cannot be done yet IE: a weekly, monthly or every other day card or say you have to pick up the floor in order to vaccum, then you put it back in the current pile or you move it to the date it can be done.

Pictures of what you need:

Baby Fruits Of My Labor


Posted by kat | Posted in Gardening(herbs, flowers,veggies and trees) | Posted on 20-05-2010

So I have baby squash, bell peppers and sweet bannana peppers and peas and tomoatoes.  Here are pictures

Squash flower and Baby Squash


Baby Bell Pepper

Baby Sweet Bananna Pepper


Baby Roma Tomatoes


Baby pea

Baby Ducks


Posted by kat | Posted in Our Ducks | Posted on 18-05-2010

Out of all the 4 mallard ducks we got at easter last year, we have one left a male or they are also called drake’s.  He has been living at the neighbours as well as at our house, it remains to be seen where he will decided to live on a more permanant basis.  Our neighbour was able to find a nest of one of the females and they borrowed my incubator and was able to hatch out some baby ducks, which we are spliting between the two of us.  The ones I have are about a week old, and there are four of them and they go a bit crazy when you come near them.  In the next week to two weeks, I should be able to put them outside in a brooder so they have more room, I hope that if I do it right that they will be far more friendly than the other’s were.



Peas, Corn and other plants!!!!!!!!!


Posted by kat | Posted in Gardening(herbs, flowers,veggies and trees) | Posted on 06-05-2010

OK!!!! So usually I have tons of pea’s planted by now and I ONLY have one row, GRANTED I have planted said row at least four times(OK!!!! It just feels like it).  I know the duck’s were doing what comes natrually and they did do a great job weeding, but they took out all of the ones that were not nice and big, they did this TWICE before I locked them out of the garden.  So while I had a set back in my pea’s, it was nice to see some of them with blossom’s.  I did not take this picture I found it at a great site called Dave’s Garden, when I did a google search for Sugar Snap Pea blossom’s.


My tomatoes look great, I think I might have lost a few, but I am hoping that they come back up and that it was just the leaves that wilted.  I don’t water them everyday, because I want them to get a good root system on them, so I water them every other day or every two days.  I have Roma’s, Red Beefsteak’s, Cherry Tomatoes, Celbrity, Early Girls and Big Boy’s.   I wanted to plant some tomatotioes( alson know as a Husk Tomatoe), but can’t find any and the one place that did have them doesn’t anymore.   If all else fails, I will just go to the Mexican food mart and buy some and try and sprout the seeds. 

I planted corn this year, I haven’t the last few years, because it never got taller than my waist and never did much in way of putting out ear’s and the ear’s it did put out were baby corn sized or maybe a bit bigger.  I only plant sweet corn as that is what my family likes the best, I planted some thing called a sweet silver princess, usually I try the sweet silver queen. 

I planted sqaush in hopes that this year, I’ll have better luck then in the past, I am also hoping that the soil sample and adding the few things it lacked, will help and it’s looking pretty good.   So is the cantalope, (another thing I never got to grow well) The watermelon( yet again another thing I have never gotten to grow well) is looking good so far and the cucumbers for the most part are doing well, I have a few that look pretty sad, but am hoping they perk up soon.  I also planted sweet potatoes, my first attempt last year did not do very well.  

I still need to get in some okra and the beans, I guess that had better be on my list of things to do today, along with another row of corn.

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