Ducks, Fall garden and Heat Waves


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The baby duck was two weeks old on Tuesday,  we started putting him out side during the day yesterday and he seemed to like that.   We still bring him in at night, as the kids do not want him out side permantely yet.   When he is about 4-6 weeks, I think we will leave him outside both day and night.    We found another nest that the mom was sitting on, but it looks like something got the eggs, out of this nest two.  What ever it is, it is sneaky because all the time I find the nests, they have been really well hidden and it was by accident that I had found them.  

The kids start school, August 3rd and I am hoping to talk to my youngest’s teacher about hatching some duck eggs for her class.  A friend of a friend, is going to let me have  two dozen duck eggs, and I sure hope that most of them will hatch so that I can let the kids see them.

I had plans to plant a fall garden and I haven’t done so well on that, it has been so hot.  The last two weeks we have been under a heat advisory, while we did get some rain yesterday, it wasn’t enough and it didn’t stay cooled off for long.  Some of my plants that were doing really well, are looking sad because I forgot to water them, and then when I did remember it just wasn’t enough.   I really need to set up and good watering system, of soaker hoses and sprinklers with a time or something.  I have yet to get my apple trees planted and it will be a small wonder if they make it, when I do get them planted.

Rascal the duck and the mallard foursome


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Even though I see the duck everyday, I can tell it’s bigger.  It loves to follow us around and the kids love to build it a nest of sort’s on a shelf in their room.  The duckling is a week old and it is still just as sneaky about getting out as it was at a few days old.  It is almost old enough to go outside, but the kids are very against it going outside and so I am guessing it will be a while before they are ready to part with it.   It would be pretty lost in the brooder, as it was barely large enough for the four older ducks we have.     The four older ducks(mallards) are out of the brooder and have been for about 3 weeks, they stick pretty much together and do not like us around them much at all.   I can get about 2ft away from them, and then if I try and get any closer, they run off.  I thought I had all femals, but one recently started loosing some feather’s on the breast area, and I notcied it looks like it is coming in the gray color of a male.   I know I have at least one female, as I have heard her when she is talking,  the other’s are still sort of making peeping, and or hissing sounds, so I am not sure what they are at the moment.

Computer Games


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Ok, So I am a geek of sorts, but I am not a very good geek.  I love computer games, but I SUCK at them.  I love techy gadget’s, almost as much as my husband does, but where he seems to have a hang of things pretty quick, it takes me FOREVER to get the hang of it.   My first computer(Family Computer) EVER, was a commadore64 that I wish we could have talked my mom into keeping, when we moved to Georgia, it had some of the best games.  Our next computer was a Mac, and one of the first role playing games was Wizardary, which I still have fond memories of playing for many an hour, instead of doing chores or homework.  Next we got a Mac that could run both PC and Mac stuff, it was pretty cool, but there is something to be said for each type of computer.   Then when I got married, I had a HP that my inlaws didn’t need anymore, so we ended up with his and her computers in a way.  My husband and I, played the same games, but always wished we could play each other and or the same game as a party.   The playstation and those type of gaming systems made that fun, but most of the games were Legend of Zelda, Wizardary for the PS2 and a few other minor role playing games but they were just not quite what I was looking for.   I think found Runescape and have played that off and on for a few years, I even got a friend of mine HUGELY hooked on it and he got his two kids hooked on it.  Recently my husband started playing Dungeons and Dragons online, I grew up on the cartoon series, he grew up on both the game and the cartoon series.   Where am I leading with this?  Well! I recently signed up, so that IF and WHEN, I ever get as good as he is at playing computer games, that we can have yet another way to spend time with each other.  It would be really neat if eventually, we could play either Runescape or D&D on the Wii, for some strange reason, I don’t have as much trouble learning the controler’s.

Tote-able Toilet seat and lid from Emergnacy Preparedness


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This is the review I submitted to Emergancy Prepardeness about the Tote-able toilet seat and lid.  This is the seat and lid that I talked about in the post, Bluberries, Peaches and $1.98 as well as the post about composting toilets.  Their website is the actual link to the toilets is

I bought two of these to go in my family emergency kit for when the power goes out for long periods of time.  They attach very easily to a5 gallon bucket and they comfortable to use for both children and adults. It would have been nice for them to come with instructions for long term use.  While the seal does a good job of keeping in the smells, if you have a power outage for more than a few days, you would most likely want to buy wood shavings to put in the bucket to help with odor’s and splashing.  I also had one that the seal was not securely glued in, it was easy to fix with a little glue.

WOW!!!! What a blog


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So I was looking on the internet to find away to get my blog/website seen a little more( OK, OK so I want some more comment as most are mine) and I found this GREAT website.

Can I SAY IT AGAIN, WOW!!! What a blog.

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