Catch me if you can


Posted by kat | Posted in Our Ducks, Our Goats | Posted on 25-08-2010

This morning after I got back from running a few errands, I went out to check on the animals, it is supposed to be another really hot day out.   I saw our baby duck Rascale, chasing one of our goat’s around, it looked like they were playing tag.  The duck was just behind the goat and was following him around, for some reason they seemed to have become friends.   They are never to far away from each other and I have noticed that they even sleep next to each other at night.    They make for a very odd couple, but it’s sort of cute in a way too, I’ll have to see if I can catch them playing together and or them when they are sleeping.

Dog and a clean room VS No Dog and no clean room


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So we have debated about getting a dog.  For some it might not be much of a debate.  You either get one or you don’t RIGHT?  Well! In our family, it’s a huge debate, because we tend to have bad luck when it comes to dogs.  They either get really sick, they run off or we have to find a new home due to them not working out in some way.  It’s usually chasing the cat’s, eating the chickens or being scared of the kids.  None of these senerios works on a farm, not to mention the goats that we have gotten in between.  We had one really good dog, she lasted about 18 months, we went to an all day wedding and when we got back she was gone, that was almost three years ago, and we have tried two dog’s in between the time she went missing( we sort of gave up looking after three months) and we got the goats.  But it has always been at the back of my mind that eventually we would find a good dog that would bark and let me know when someone is here and that would also sort of guard the animals.  I hate having the kids yell, as they are standing with the door open that someone is here, and it’s usually my youngest and wearing not much. 

So what’s that catch you ask?  My parent’s dog had puppies and the kids have been, BEGGING us to take one home.  We told them we would talk about it if they cleaned their room, they have had it half way cleaned THREE SEPERATE TIMES.  So we were over there to day and of course my parent’s ask, So when are you taking a puppy home?  My kids look at me with the puppy dog eyes(every parent knows what I am talking about, when thier kids want something)  and I say to them, I don’t mind but daddy won’t go for it because your room isn’t clean.  So they beg me to call daddy, and I let them and daddy tells them, You can have a dog, but you can’t bring it home until your room is cleaned.  To which my mom says, So you will pick it up tomorrow?  I laugh and tell her MOM, this is my kids your talking to, your lucky if it will be Friday.  I needed to remind her how hard it was to get my to clean my room, It wasn’t that I couldn’t get it done, it was I couldn’t keep it cleaner more than three days.  I still have that problem, I get my house clean and it last’s about 3 days if the kids are out of school and maybe a week when they are in school.  I just have the hardest time keeping up with things, I get distracted or things get busy and I just don’t keep up with things and then it snowballs from there.

Fall Garden


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So I haven’t done as well as I thought with getting a fall garden in, I have started some seeds to sprout and I hope to transplant them to the garden.  I started squash, pumpkin, bell peppers, beans and I will be sprouting some beets and lettuce soon.

Coupon Challenge August 1st-August 31st Conclussion


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For the month of August I saved a total of  $101.24
Used a total of 45 coupons for a total savings of $36.49 at Walmart (Sales and Coupon’s)
Used a total of 29 couponsfor a total savings of $75.00 at Kroger’s. ( Sales, Store Coupon’s and Kroger Plus Savings)
Used my gas points at Kroger’s Gas station and got $.10 off each gallon of gas

Most of the coupons I found in the sunday paper, they varried from as little as  $0.25 to as much as $2.00 off, I even had a few buy one get one free coupons.
I also got coupons from (they have ones to load on to your kroger’s card as well as ones to print and use at any store), and ( Most of them required you to download their copon printing program.)



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I have two dehydrator’s, they are both the small round type, one is an American Harvest that I bought at Walmart and the other is a snackmaster.Jr or something like that, I bought off of the TV.   They both worked great and I loved them.  So you ask, what’s the big deal?   The big deal is that I have lost the blower part’s to the dehydrator’s.  I can find all the tray’s, which are very old and need to be replaced and I can even find the fruit roll tray.  But the bottom and the top to them, are a no go for both machines.  How can you lose them you ask?  Easy!   I have kids and I try and put them up where they can’t get to them and then I forget where I put them.    I really enjoy making fruit leather and can’t make any until I find my

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