Honor Roll: First Nine Weeks


Posted by kat | Posted in Family Happenings | Posted on 22-11-2010

My two older kids made Honor Roll for the first nine weeks of school, for those of you who know my kids, they know of some of the struggles that we have seen.   For those of you who don’t know my kids, my oldest was diagnosed with ADDHD and a speech disorder called Motor Speech Devleopment Delay (I have it both the ADD and the speech issue) (When I was diagnosed they had it all separated it out into ADD and ADHD) IT has been a huge struggle with my oldest.  The schools didn’t want to test, yet they couldn’t really do anything until it was done.  Going by what the Kindergarten teacher said, we didn’t really worry about it.  First grade was hard, but we figured it was maybe the teacher.  The teacher was great, but our oldest just didn’t handle the structure well.  The teacher had a timeline and she stuck to it very well and it just didn’t work well for our oldest.  Second grade was more of the same, but we had the testing done and in place for third grade, but it didn’t seem to help much.  In fourth grade it was really tough, we tried some natural ADD meds and it did help some, after lots of soul searching and talked to the pediatritan and we were given a medicine called Foculin.  And hence the being on the honor roll this year.

Our second child was tested for gifted in Kindergarten, which they do not normal do and missed it by like three points.  They tested again in 1st grade and made it.  While school comes more easily, we are still proud that honor roll was made.

Our third child started preschool last year and like our oldest also has a speech disorder,  it was more severe than our oldest.  She is in Kindergarten this year and seems to be having a hard time settling down, but then again it took her a good month or so, before she was OK, with me leaving her at Pre-K.

Derailing the run away farm tractor


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OK!  So we don’t have a farm tractor to derail so to speak, this is purely meant in a metaphorical sense.   When I started this blog, it was meant to show case some of the farm and some of the family.    Somewhere along the way, I got over run by the farm side of things, not because I don’t love my family, but more because I sometimes find myself forgetting the funny and not so funny things my kids and my husband do.

SO with that said, it is time to reign in the farm for a little bit and try and write about my family for a spell.

Fall Harvests


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I posted previous that I was going to attempt a fall garden,  well I harvested a fair amount of both Green Pepper’s and Banana Pepper’s.  At least until the goat’s got in the garden by accident, they ate all the leaves off the peppers.  I planted Sweet Potatoes and for the first time they actually did something, last year I tried it and nothing happened.  I planted 9 plant’s and I got enough to fill up a colander, I asked my mom( who has planted them several times) and she say’s I might want to dig deeper as some of her’s she found at least a foot deep.  She had one that weighed in at 5lbs or so.  It was a really big sweet potato.    I was pleased with my first real attempt at planting them, even if I didn’t get any super sized sweet potatoes.

When the cat is away, the mice come out to play


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Ok!!!! So you know the saying when the cat is away the mice will come out and play.   It is SO TRUE!!!!!  Mice have been really bad this year, or so it seems to me.   First off a few months ago, I found a mouse in the little space behind the thermostat for the AC/Heater, I am still not sure how that happened.  So I went and got Snowball, the one cat who seems to be willing to catch mice.  I carefully, shooed it out and Snowball got it as soon as it hit the floor.   Two weeks later there was one it the tub, again went and got snowball and she took care of it.   So I started to let her in during the day and she has caught at least three.   I am sure your wondering where the problem is.  Well!!!! First off half the time she plays with them first, and sometimes even let’s them go, mostly I think because she is playing with them and she usually ends up somewhere where they can go and she can’t.  Like under a dresser or stove, I am sure you get the idea.  The other day, I was sitting folding laundry and one ran out from under the couch.  Went and got Snowball, see the reoccurring theme here????  She got it, and this time didn’t play with it, and then later that night again folding laundry one ran across the back of the couch and jumped off the armrest and I went to get Snowball and she was no where to be found.    SO I was lying in bed the other night and I hear a sound  and it sort of sounded like one of my kids stepping on a plastic bag or piece of paper.and I am like great, it two o’clock in the morning what is wrong now.   I roll over and there crawling up the curtain next to my bed is a mouse.  UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I HATE RODENT’S.   My mother in law asked one time, what kind of pet’s she would be allowed to get for the kids.   I told her you can get them any farm animal, a dog, cat, horse, even hermit crab’s again, but UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE A RODENT OF ANY KIND.   She asked if that included a lizard or snake, I really am safe on the frog and or toad thing, as my mother in law doesn’t like frog’s or toads.   I told her I didn’t think I would mind a snake or lizard.  Even a frog might be OK, but no rat’s, mice, gerbils, hamster’s or guinea pigs.    Heck!!!! If Snowball, doesn’t quite playing with them I just might be tempted enough to get a snake and turn it loose in the house, and it can get the mice.   I think I’ll start leaving her out during the day and bring her in at night, because I sure am tired of the mice.


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The other day, I went outside and noticed that we were missing one of our duck’s AGAIN.   The kids were pretty upset as we were missing Rascal and they loved the fact that she was a little more friendly than the other’s.  I was sad, because I had two females and I was looking forward to hatching out some more eggs.

My husband had to be in the hospital, and I figured the ducks would be OK, so right before we left for the hospital, I filled their feeder and made sure they had plenty of water.  I took my husband to the hospital Wed morning and we got home Saturday at noon.  I came home Thursday or Friday, to get a shower and take care of the animals( I had a friend checking on them)  and I do the normal head counting.  Everything was OK, other than the afore mentioned ducks were still missing.   Saturday, after I got my  husband settled, I checked animals again and noticed I was missing three more ducks.  This time the three missing were males, but I still was not happy.   So currently I have two Pekin’s, a male and a female.  I have two male Mallards, and one female.  I told the girls that once spring is here( March or April) I would go get a few more ducks and we replace the ones we lost.   I do think that I am going to have to build them their own coop and just let them out in the day time to roam.

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