Strawberry’s and Strawberry Bed’s


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So I ordered Strawberries and they were not supposed to be ready to send until the 15th of December.   What shows up ON the 15th of December?  My strawberries and I was NO WHERE NEAR being ready for them.  So I temporarily suspended work on the strawberry beds and  when they send of runner’s I will make the bed and transplant all of them into them.    I had bought five different variates of  Strawberries, Chandler, All-Star, Ozark Beauty, Cardinal and Sweet Charlie, I am going to put each one into a different bed, so that I can figure out which ones I like the best and only grow those,  IF I happen to like all of them then I will just have to make more beds for the strawberries.     I am hoping with five different kinds, that I might actually have enough that I can freeze and can the strawberries and then I can sell the runner’s if I need to or if anyone asks for any.

Horses How I Love Thee, but your a cruel master


Posted by kat | Posted in Family Happenings | Posted on 17-12-2010

OK!  So a friend of mine has asked me several times to come riding with her, it has never worked out until today,  and since we got done riding about dinner time for the horses, I stayed and helped feed and a few other chores.   I must THANK my wonderful husband, who took the kids long enough so that I could go riding.  Your a wonderful husband.  Just so that you know, it has been 5 years since I have been on a horse other than hopping on a horse with the kids and at least 10 years since I have done any serious horse riding,   showing, trail riding ECT.   I am way out of shape and while I have wanted to start riding again, it just has never really worked out, I have stayed active in horses, helping with our local Pony Club.

But I am a far cry from the fit horsewoman I used to be,  when I was much younger and before I got married and had kids, I was very active in Pony Club and was able to achieve my B rating.  This rating is one of the higher levels you can attain, the highest is an A rating.   I had done several events at the Novice level and was schooling Training level.  For those of you who are wondering what this means, in an EVENT you do what is called a dressage test( series of moves on a horse) jump a cross country course( at a certain height depending on the level) and then jump another course (of different type jumps again height is according to level being ridden)called a stadium course.   I mostly did Novice courses so I would jump about 2′ 11″ and I was schooling Training level which is 3′ 3″ as well as schooling some Prelim which is 3′ 7″.    When I was just doing the Stadium fences I was doing 3′  to 3′ 9″, courses and I really loved doing it.  My sister’s are coming down for Christmas and I am hoping that we can get together and ride a couple of times and maybe even do some jumping, I mentioned something to one of my sister’s and she was wanting to a couple of lunge lessons.  This is when you are put on a long length of rope and and a person on the ground controls the horse, so that you can work on your position on the horse.   This really helps to also help you get better in tune with your horse and what is going on underneath you.

More cold weather headed our way


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Just looked at the weather for our area of Georgia, tonight is supposed to be 20 as a low and were under a wind advisory and with the windchill it will feel like 10 tonight.  I have had the hardest time getting the goat’s to go into the cover’s I have made them, one would rather sit out in the cold and shiver and the other would rather try and climb on the other one and keeps tipping it over and I may just have to go out and figure out a way to stake it down so it can’t move.  If the following weather doesn’t make them go in the houses, then I guess they will just have to tough it out.

Monday- High of upper 30’s windchill feels like 10, low of 16, windchill of 5 degrees above zero

Tuesday- High of 40’s, low of 17

Wed- High of 50’s, low of 30 with some rain and freezing rain

Thurs- High of 60’s lows of 40’s with some rain

Fri- High of 50’s lows in the mid 30’s some chance of rain

Sat- High of 50’s lows in mid 20’s

Sun- High of 50’s they don’t list the low’s for Sunday yet.

Pony Club Rating


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For those of you you who might not know, I grew up around horses.  I did 4H and I also did something called Pony Club.  Today my oldest two kids had a rating, in Pony Club start out as an unrated and you go through each rating and have to learn more things and be able to ride at a better level.   At each rating you have to show them what you learned how to do certain things.  My kids took their D-1 rating today and they did a really good job.  My oldest had just barely gotten to be off the crutches and it was a little soon, because by the time we were done the crutches had to be pulled out.

Winter Feeding


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About a week ago, I noticed that the goat have eaten all they can get to, and while I let them off the stake during the day,  I am going to have to start feeding them supplement other than the cup of grain they get a day.   Last month my parent’s mentioned that they had several bale of hay that they couldn’t feed to the horses and I could have it for the goats, my dad was kind enough to bring it over last night since I don’t have a truck, he brought me over about 10 bales of hay.

I gave them three flakes of hay last night and they seem to like it OK.  I really wish I had a good way to get the fence up so that they can roam and get what they could.  They have done an amazing job of grazing down the back yard, and I have been staking them out in the front yard, as it is still really overgrown with grass and brambles.   I have been staking her where I want my strawberry beds, as I figure it’s a good way to get the weeds gone and give them something more to eat.   I also take them out some warm water, so that the water takes longer to freeze.

I think that my does it pregnant, but since I am not really sure and other than a blood test, and or playing the waiting game, which I don’t mind doing,  I won’t know for sure.  I asked my dad about it and he looked at her yesterday, when he was here yesterday.  He told me there is a good chance, since she is with an intact male, she may just not be far enough a long to tell.   Goat’s carry for 5 months, and so I should know from late this month to sometime in March, depending on when she is was bred.  Since I have only seen him one time try and do anything.  The one time I did see, she did let him breed her, which would put it at the end of March, but he could have done thing earlier too and I just not notice, as I was not out there 24/7 with the goats.   She was acting funny, but from what I have been told, they act that way in heat as well.

I do love surprises, so I am not too worried, I just wanted to know so I could be prepared if something did go wrong.

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