Making butter


Posted by kat | Posted in Cooking | Posted on 31-01-2011

Last time I went shopping, I picked up some whipping cream to make butter with the kids.   Today, I finally got around to pulling it out and making the butter with them.  We poured the cream into a plastic container with a lid and started shaking it all about, as it started to firm up I poured off the buttermilk, into a separate container.   We then continued to shake it until we couldn’t shake it anymore, I then put it in the fridge to firm up, if I had molds, I could have used them.  I have thought of getting some molds, but I am not sure where to find them and or what kind I want.



We Are 10 Day’s Old


Posted by kat | Posted in Our Goats | Posted on 27-01-2011

The baby goat’s are 10 day’s old, they have endless energy it seems and are always up to something.
This morning as I was feeding, they were climbing into the feed container’s and while mommy wasn’t too bothered by it, our other goat Casper was.  He butted them out of the container, and they were very startled by it.   I noticed them nibbling on the grain and the hay today, and before I know it, I will have to be dealing with weaning, any shots they might need, and dis-budding them.    I am not looking forward to the disbudding, as they are not going to like being confined, I would leave horn’s on them if they didn’t like to swing their heads so much,  Mom has horns and I have lots of bruises from her and those horns.   Dad was disbudded and while it’s harder to catch him, I don’t have near the bruises from him.   They love chasing each other, but don’t like it so much when the two legged kids, try and join in.   I have also noticed that the buckling is more curious, than the doeling is, and I hope that as they get older, they won’t be so skittish around us.  I don’t want them so friendly, that they think they can get away with stuff, but I also don’t want them to be hard to catch, if I need to milk them or anything.   When the buckling is 3 months old, I will most likely sell him and I am keeping the doeling.  I really want to start making goat’s milk cheese.

Sprouting Seeds


Posted by kat | Posted in Gardening(herbs, flowers,veggies and trees) | Posted on 21-01-2011

For Christmas, I was given two windowsill seed starting kits, and I finally opened up the kits and started some seeds.   I have Radishes, Lettuce and if I remember right I started some carrot’s.   I never seem to have much luck with carrot’s, so I sure hope I do better this time than I usually do.
I think it will be another week or two, before I get to start planting seeds outside, but at least I have the start of some things, and feel like I am trying to do something for the garden.

1, 2 Ready or Not Come Find Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by kat | Posted in Family Happenings, Our Goats | Posted on 21-01-2011

This morning, while the kids were getting ready for school, I went out and did the morning chores.
Mainly this consists of me feeding the goats, making sure they have plenty of water or at least enough, that I can wait util getting home from dropping kids off at school to fill it back up and checking the duck’s feed to make sure they have enough.    Since my doe, had her babies on the 17th, it also now includes checking on the little ones.   This morning I couldn’t find the doeling, and panicked, wondering what could have happened to her.  I thought maybe an owl, or stray dog, or any other wild animal.   Mom, didn’t seem to concerned, and I didn’t know if it was because, she had two and didn’t notice the other one missing or if she wasn’t worried because she knew that it was nearby.    I looked everywhere that I could with a flash light and knowing that I had to leave soon for school and piano class for me.  We usually have piano on Monday’s, but I had some sick kids and the piano teacher is really good about working around things.   I got the kids to school on time, they have to be there, by 7:45am, if they want to eat breakfast at school and if they don’t eat breakfast at school, they have to be there by 7:50am.      On my way to piano, I called a friend of mine who raises goats, and asked her about the owl thing and she mentioned that she might just be hiding out somewhere, and because they are still so small, she might just be unnoticeable.   I went to piano, and actually didn’t do too bad, some of the songs are really starting to come together and I am finally feeling better about playing them.  I do need to work on trusting myself a bit more, as I would think I was messing up, when I was really playing the right notes and tempo.    Anywho!!!!!!  As soon as I got home, I went back and started looking again and I was able to find her.   She had curled up in the duck’s feed container, and I had seen her there this morning but I had thought it was one of our white cat’s, as we have one that LOVES sleeping in the feed container.   I was so thrilled and I can’t wait to tell the kids, that I was able to find the goat, they were pretty upset this morning when they also noticed that one of the baby goats was missing.

Power Steering is important and Murphy is still very much alive!!!!!!


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On the way to school, my car started acting funny, I figured that I could at least make it to the school, and I didn’t want the kids to be late.   I listened to the noise it was making and decided it must be a power steering issue, after dropping the kids off, I pulled into the parking lot and checked to make sure that all fluids were OK.  My husband had the oil changed, while I was having surgery and I remember him telling me they topped everything off.  I was rather surprised that my power steering fluid was low, but I topped it off and headed home.  While on the way to school, I had called my brother to see if he could pick me up, if for some reason the car died on me.   He called me back just as I got home, I told him  I thought was the problem and he told me how to check to make sure.  I was right it was a power steering issue, for anyone that that grew up driving a car with no power steering, you know that you just about have to kill yourself cranking the wheel, when it dies if your going slow.  With power steering this is a bit easier, and you don’t have to crank the wheel as much to get safely to the side of the road or out of the way.   So I then called my brother back and asked what is next, and he told me to find out where it was leaking from first, sometimes it’s just a hose and sometimes it’s something more major.  I was in luck it was just a hose, so I asked him if he thought I would be able to fix it  myself or should I take it somewhere.   My brother, said since it was a hose and shouldn’t be more than a few dollars to fix. I got home at 7:50am and I wasn’t done fixing it until 1:00pm, granted this included having to clean up so I could go in town, asking the neighbor to take me to the part’s store and stuff. When I say clean up to go to town, this does not involve any make up, since I rarely wear any make up, but it did involve washing my hair twice.  So here is the story.  After my brother’s, little pep talk, I go get the tools, I would need to fix it, put my hair in a pony tail, to keep it out of the way and crawl back under my van, it ends up they have a strut in the way and it’s not as easy to get it on or off.   After much straining and muttering, I finally get the the clamps off of the hose,  remember as I had mentioned, I had put up my hair to try and keep it out of the way.  I stared twisting and pulling on the hose as you have to get it off the fitting’s and one part is slightly flared.  So I finally start to see it move and as I am mentally congratulation myself, off come the hose with a pop and out all over my head comes what’s left of the power steering fluid.  I have washed my hair twice, before going into town, and once again after I finished fixing the car and half of my head is still greasy looking and feeling.  Why would anyone in their right mind, not just take the car to the mechanic????  Just so you know, the part was $1.00,  and I probabally save at least $50-75.00, in labor cost’s alone, I did ended up spending $16.00 total on car stuff.  But only because I needed the GoJo to clean up with afterwards and I also got some gas treatment stuff to try and get some better gas mileage.    So moral of the story is Murphy’s Law is still going strong, not sure which number’s they are but here are the laws that came into play today.  What can go wrong will go wrong!!!!!  The cleaner you try and stay the messier you will get!!!!!!!  The easier it seems, the harder it really is!!!!!!!! and finally The less time you have for something, the longer it will take!!!!!!!!  I am sure that I will have to wash my hair at least two to three more times before I get it all out.  On a different note, The side the power steering went all over, is much curlier and if it didn’t look so greasy, I would actually be happy about that if it didn’t feel so GROSS and OILY.

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