Naming the baby goats FINALLY!!!!


Posted by kat | Posted in Our Goats | Posted on 21-02-2011

Usually it doesn’t take me very long to name our animals, but for some reason it was harder than I expected.   So far here is the list of names we came up with.

Jill( this was out because we already have that name used in the family

If you haven’t notice, we have names picked out from some of our tv show that we like watching, this wasn’t intended but it seemed to happen anyways.

Anywho!!!!  We think we have settled on Castle and Beckett for the names.

Making Kitchen Shelfs


Posted by kat | Posted in House Projects | Posted on 17-02-2011

One of the house projects I wanted to do was making shelfs in the kitchen.  We have a fair amount of cupboard space, if there were shelfs in them.   I had made some, just using plywood, and the cupboards are ones that don’t get seen much, so I didn’t mind them not looking quite right.

We used to have an over the stove microwave, it died, we replaced it, it died again.  We had if fixed and then it died on us again, so in the ten year’s that we have lived here we have had 6 microwaves.  Today I finely, got around to taking down the old microwave and putting in a shelf. I didn’t think about taking before pictures, but I did take a few after pictures which I hope to post soon.

Fun things to do with kids


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Making Butter

Thursday, Feb 10th,  I read to my youngest’s, kindergarten class.  I took three books with me, I took Nobody Listens to Andrew, One Kitten for Kim and A Rose for Pinkerton.   I also took a long a craft of sorts to do with them.  I love learning how to make things and I love learning skills that were used back before it was easy to get them in the stores.

One of the things I like to do every so often is buy whipping cream and make butter.  There is two kinds of cream, Heavy and Regular whipping cream.  In order to get the cream, you let the milk sit for a bit, and the cream rises to the top, you then skim it of the top and  make butter with it.  The other thing that comes from the cream is buttermilk, but that is only after you start mixing it or shaking it.   I usually shake it, I but it in a container with a nice tight lid and we take turn, my kids LOVE shaking it and watching it start to get thicker as it turns into butter.  I then pour off the liquid, and make buttermilk biscuits or pancakes with it.

So as I read the books, we passed around the plastic jar and the kids got to shake it.  I had brought cracker’s, so they all got to try a taste of the butter they had made.

Planting Flower’s or Vegtables

Sometimes, I will take the kids to the store and let them pick out flower seeds or vegtable seeds and let them plant them in either the flower beds or the garden.  They don’t always remember to keep the patch watered or weeded, but they have fun planting the seed and then getting to watch them grow.   If you have a good sunny window, you can even do a mini garden in your house, just using a window box or even some pot’s.


Cooking with your kids, can sometimes be more fun than you realize and it also helps with the kids learning their fractions.  The other day, I had decided to make bread the old fashioned way, which pretty much meant not using my bread machine at all.  My oldest asked what I was doing and I asked if they would like to help me.   All the kids each got a different ingredient and they got to pour it in the mixing bowl and then I showed them how to knead and shape the dough to make loafs.  Even if they never make bread by hand, they have at least seen what it looks like.

Making Wrapping Paper

Someone gave us a HUGE roll of paper, it’s not as thick as Craft Paper, but the kids love it when I pull it out and let them color on it.  We then use it to wrap, presents and I also will take apart a cardboard box, inside it out have them color on it and then tape it back up.  We did that this Christmas and it was really fun and everyone thought it was a great idea.

Vaccinations, De-horning And More


Posted by kat | Posted in Our Goats | Posted on 12-02-2011

Today my dad, came over and helped me De-horn the baby goat’s, as well as vaccinated the adults.
I hate needles and as part of me trying to get over this, I want to learn to give shot’s to the goats.   When I say I hate needles, I can’t give blood or get shot’s without having to watch the whole thing, and have even flipped out a few times, when the nurses don’t want me to watch.   As a teenager, I remember having to give shot’s to one of my horses and I would lay the needle against the area where I was supposed to give the shot and then close my eyes,  right before I stuck the needle in.   I did not do this round of shot’s, but will most likely ask if I can try the next round as the adult’s will need booster’s and the babies will get their first set.  The adult’s got vaccinated for Tetanus and Clostridium.    The babies will get the same thing, when the are old enough, which will be in about six weeks, we will also be fixing the male goat’s at that time.  The males get a little too rough if they are left as buck’s, so my dad will be helping me to wether them.

We were not able to dehorn the buckling as he horn’s were already too big, we were able to do the doeling, and my dad had brought some numbing agent, so it would be less traumatic for the de-horning process.   I am going to wait and see if, I want to just leave horns on any I raise or de-horn them after I see how things go this time.

I really would like to have a few more goats, but I am really not sure how many more I want.  I only have 5 1/2 acres and I don’t want to over crowd it with animals and then have to spend lots of money on feed.  I think I would like at least two more doe’s and then I will either sell any and all males or sell them as meat.

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