Freezer Jam


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Here in Georgia, it is peach season.  Peach season starts the last week in May and ends the first week in August.  I usually go to my favorite peach farm, which is Pearsons.  I usually get two boxes of peaches, each time I go, I usually slice the peaches and put them in the quart or gallon sized ziplocks and freeze them.  I used to make peach jam and use my hot water bath canner, but it’s a long hot process, I started making freezer jam and that has been a lot better.

So far this peach season: I have made three cobblers,  dried enough peach slices to fill three and a half quart sized ziplocks, made several containers worth of peach jam, and I currently have two tray’s of peach leather in the dehydrator.

I still have left: Slice enough peaches to put in several quart or gallon sized ziplocks for the freezer.  Fill several quart sized ziplocks of dried peaches and make several more trays of fruit leather.
If your wanting some really good freezer jam recipes, you can go to or just do a google search for freezer or fridge jams.



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Yesterday, our church lesson was on talents, how to use them, cultivate them and grow them.    This has always been a hard thing for me, because to me I don’t have any talents.  I can’t sing, dance, or play a musical instrument very well.  I can cook a little, but now where near as well as I would like.  I am not very organised in my personal life, but I can for the most part keep other things organised, but not sure that’s really I talent either.   I used to think that liking kids was a talent,  I loved babysitting and thought that I was more than prepared for having a family, until I had my own kids, all the babysitting in the world doesn’t prepare you well enough for kids of your own.

I grew up riding horses, and I loved riding them, but I don’t think I am as talented as I thought I was, and when I was younger I seemed to end up with the problem horses, and that to me caused other issues when I went to ride a horse that didn’t have any issues.

I love to garden, but I am not that great at that either.  I usually manage a passable garden, except for this year because of the goats.

I love to sew, but don’t know that I am good at any one part of sewing.

I love to cook, but I would never be called a gourmet chef.

I can’t decorate for the life of me, I sort of am OK at doing some crafts, and I can’t draw to save my life.   I have no fashion sense at all and I am not very good at doing my makeup.

So I know this lists everything I feel like I can’t do, so here is the list of talent’s I would like to try and cultivate.

Piano: I started taking lessons and I am up to two songs that I can play and sort of have people sing a long with.

I have always had problems making friends, I would like to work on that and  not just make friends, but to be a better friend to the friends I already have.

I will add things as I think of them.

Cousin It


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While I don’t want my kids to turn into Cousin It, I sure would like for them to have enough to do things with.  Today is my mother in law’s birthday, and I each of the kids sent her an e-mail that said Happy Birthday, and we also sent her a text message and we will call her later to sing Happy Birthday.  One of my kids took that one step further and decided that the best present to give her was to look just like her.  My mother in law has been dying her hair since she was a teenager, which is when she went gray, and while my mother has gone just about every color you can think of.  Yes!!!  She even dyed her hair purple for a play she was in, where she portrayed an eccentric old lady.  She has also even grown out her hair a time or two, but on the whole she keeps her hair pretty much in a close cut.  While I was doing laundry my youngest who will be six in August, came in and told me I cut hair.    We had just finally gotten it grown out from the last time, and I had been waiting to just before school to go get the kids hair cuts.    Why my kids seem to be able to find scissor’s, not matter where I put them, is beyond me unless they have part bloodhound in them.   My other two kids, stopped cutting their hair by themselves about the time they were eight, which means I have just over 2 year’s before I don’t have to worry anymore, that is unless another one comes along in that amount of time.

By the way, here is how the conversation went when I asked why a hair cut was done.

y youngest: I cut hair
Me: Why did you cut your hair, you know all you have to do is ask and I’ll take you to get one.
My youngest: Because I wanted to look like nana on her birthday.

My conversation with my mother in law
Me: Guess what your youngest grandchild did.
Mil: No telling. What now.
Me: Cut her hair AGAIN.
Mil: Send pictures.
Me: When I asked her why, she said she was trying to look like Nana on her birthday.

Dust on the bottle other random musing’s


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My husband was invited to a wedding over the weekend, and he was able to bring me along.  The wedding them was East meets West, and everyone was asked to dress up.  My husband and I, were thrilled to have another reason to wear our kilts.   For several years, we would go to some of the Scottish festivals that are held here in Ga, an after attending them in street clothes, we decided to buy kilts and try to go a bit more in style.   My husband’s bands family came over from Scotland in the late 1700’s to early 1800’s, and so we bought his kilt in the family tartan.  His family was part of the Mcpherson clan, they were also called the Cat Clan.  Their actual motto, when translated is Touch not but the cat, with a glove.  My family came from Ireland and supposedly Scotland, and falls under the Campbell clan, so my kilt is in that tartan.

What does this have to do with a wedding?  Well!!! Other than getting to dress up, it was so touching to be there and seeing how happy these two were.  While it was a small wedding, and they had it in their back yard, the care that they put into it was evident in everything they did.   It wouldn’t surprise me, if both the bride and the groom, had sore faces from all of the smiling they did.   It was more than evident that they truly loved each other and that they were sure they were for each other.   While I only knew two people there, if your counting my husband, it was a fun night and at times I didn’t want the night to end.  There is something about a wedding that for the most part, brings out the good in us all.  Call me a romantic, or optimistic, but weddings remind us of what happiness can be like,  and as I to quick glances at my husband during the ceremony, I thought back to that day so many year’s ago, when my husband and I got married and how happy we were and how we felt ten feet tall.    Being in love, sometimes remind me of the country song that I like listening to, it’s by David Lee Murphy and is called Dust on the bottle.   One of the refrains talks about how love is like a fine wine, it get’s better with time.   As my grandparents told me when I got married, your going to fall in and out of love with your spouse, but what you do is about it is what’s important.   My grandparents had been married for over 60 year’s, when my grandfather passed away and I remember as a child, wanting to have the love that I saw.    Love is about setting aside what you want sometimes and making sure that you are taking care of the other person.    Like the farmer, we too must make sure that we are weeding, mulching and watering our marriage’s and relationships.    Our family, friends and the people we meet, all help shape us to who we become or will become.     The experiences that we have, are a lot like being a glass blower or a blacksmith, we have to be heated to make the glass or metal, supple enough to work with.  If we are not heated and worked enough, we will never become that finely balanced sword or the multicolored ornament to hang from a window.   Lot’s of us are the diamond in the rough that need a more care, to make it the beauty of nature that it is.
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