Working Out On The Wii Fit Plus


Posted by kat | Posted in Family Happenings | Posted on 29-09-2011

About two months ago, I asked my husband to fix our Wii.  Our Wii was broken, when our youngest stuck another disk in there while there was still in it.  We ordered a new disk drive off of Amazon. and my husband got it working.   For my birthday a few years ago, when the Wii first came out they had Wii Fit, this was the only thing I asked for, my in laws and my husband went in together and bought it for me.  Of course like most stuff in our house it was lost by the kids.  I went to the local Gamestop and was able to find the Wii Fit Plus discounted because it was used,  I bought it and I started working out.

The WiiFit Plus asked me all sort of basic questions, I stepped on the board and it gave me my weight.  I was around 140lbs, to some this may not sound like that much, but I am only 5 ft 3 inches tall and while I carry the weight well, I was starting to notice that my clothes were feeling a little tight, and I was having troubles running up the driveway.  Granted  my driveway starts off flat then goes to somewhat steep slope, before leveling out again.   I decided that I would try and work out for an hour every day.  I worked out for two hours yesterday and found it was a little much to fit into my day, what with everything else I have going on.  It was nice to see that yesterday I was able to burn over 6oo calories.  In exploring a little more of the Wii Fit Plus, it also lets you catalog your other activities, yesterday I logged that it took me 45 mins to cook dinner, I did 30 mins of cleaning the kitchen and another hour of washing, folding and putting away laundry to make up those 600 calories.    Today I did an hour of cleaning, another hour of laundry, I worked out for 72 mins.  I am sure your asking HOW could I have burned so much more today than yesterday.  Today, because I am still trying to work out what types of workout I want to do, I only did Aerobic type workouts on the Wii.  They put Aerobics as being worth 5 MET’s, so by doing the 5 met ones and doing the longest it would let me, I was burning more calories, than by doing the lower met workout for longer.     This is what I have sort of decided to do, I am going to alternate doing aerobics one day and then doing the yoga and strength training the next day, I will most likely try and do an hour to an hour and half work out on the Wii Fit Plus and then try and keep track of my daily chores to log as well.  So far in the few short days of doing the Wii Fit Plus, I went from 140 to 136 lbs.  I feel like a have a little bit more energy, that I sleep a little better and that I feel a little bit healthier too.

My goal weight is to stay between 125 and 130lbs, we will see how well I manage this.

Strawberry Beds Part 2


Posted by kat | Posted in Farm Projects, Gardening(herbs, flowers,veggies and trees), Hobbies, House Projects, Sandy Creek Farm | Posted on 28-09-2011

After talking to my mom and dad, I decided not to tier the beds.  Since I have the wood already cut, I am going to make the little boxes any ways.  I filled the small boxes with enough potting soil to be 2 inches from the top of the boxes.

So I got the large strawberry bed, lined with the landscaping fabric.  I used a staple gun, to staple the fabric to the wood.

I went to our local fairgrounds, where they give away the manure from the shows they have. They are only open Monday thru Fridays, and since I don’t have a truck and have to borrow one, it was a little tricky get the compost.  The small beds I was able fit about 25-30 strawberry plants in each one, the bigger ones will fit I am guessing any where from 50-75 plants.

So here is a recap of what I did to make these raised beds.

9 2x12x8 boards @$7.14.  I had some of the boards cut to 4ft length and one cut to 2ft length, the short beds are 2ft x 4ft and the large beds are 4ft x 8ft.

3 4x4x8 boards @ $5.97.  I had these cut to 1ft lengths.  The large beds get three to each of the 8ft sides.  the short beds only get two to a side.

2 1lbs boxes of 3 1/2 inch long screws @ $8.47

6 bags of 1cubic foot potting soil @ $3.97

Total $130.00 to  make two Large beds and two small beds or 4 large beds or 6-8 small beds.

NOTE:  I might have the numbers off on how many beds, that can be made if you make all small beds.
I could have used at least two more bags in each bed, the dirt settles after you water it

Raised Strawberry Beds Part 1


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I finally broke down and bought the supplies for making Strawberry beds.  I was going to build them out of decorative stakes, but it was too hard making them meet up and not lose dirt.

So this morning I went to Home Depot, and of course going in I knew what I wanted and as soon as I asked for someone to cut the wood,  gave the measurements and I got asked if I was sure.  I of course wasn’t, now that they asked. So we drew on a piece of  what I was wanting.

I knew I wanted to make two beds, I made the first one 4×8 and then I made the second bed, that will rest on top once the 4×8 is filled 2×4.    I bought enough wood to make two 4×8 beds and two 2×4 beds.  That should be good for now, I don’t think that I should fill them up that fast.  I do need to eventually buy enough wood to make 6 more beds of each size.

Now I just have to line with landscaping fabric and then fill with compost and with the strawberries.

So you might be asking, how much I spent on everything.  I paid $7.14 each for 9-2x12x8 boards.  I had five of the boards cut, 2 I had them cut to 4ft and 2ft.  I bought 3-4x4x8 @ $5.97 and had them cut to 1ft and I bought two 1 pound boxes of screws that were 3 1/2 inches long @ $8.47.  The total to buy the wood and screws to make 4 strawberry beds was $106.05

Home Orchard


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Growing up we had our driveway lined with fruit trees, it seemed like every year my dad would buy a new fruit tree and plant it.  We had pears, plums, cherries, apricots and apples.  Several of the apples were dwarf apples, as they took up a little less room.   We would make applesauce, pies, apple butter and apple leather.  I have had in the works for the last ten years to get together a home orchard, much like the one my dad planted, just not lining my driveway.   For several year’s, all I had were blueberry bushes and a banana tree, I had tried planting a pear, several apples and an cherry tree, none of which made it.  Then two years ago, my blueberry bushes died, and I hadn’t gotten around to replanting them.  This year I remembered to go get some more blueberry plants and hopefully they will start producing next year.   Your probably wondering where this is headed.
Well! Yesterday I finally broke down and bought some plants for the orchard.  I spent a little more than I really wanted to, but they will be old enough to produce next year.  I bought two grapes, two pomengranits,  four THORNLESS blackberries ( don’t know the kind) and  three or four Raspberries.  I will admit, I was sort of selfish, I took all the ones that had blossoms on them.  Several of the blackberries had roots starting on some of the longer canes, so I cut those off and stuck them in some potting soil.   Now all I have to do is remember to plant them, and figure out a way to keep the goats from eating them.  I am so excited and can’t wait to start having some fresh fruits.

Rescue Ducks


Posted by kat | Posted in Our Ducks | Posted on 06-09-2011

I recently had a call from someone looking for a home for three baby mallard ducks, I told them I would love to give them a home and thought they were about 6 weeks of age.  When I looked at them, they looked more like 4 weeks, than 6 weeks.  I am hoping that they end up females, since I already have three males.   I did finally find someone close by that was wanting to get rid of some adults, both Pekin and Mallards, so I might go buy some from them to even out the flock.   Last week I moved them outside full time, I was letting them out in the duck pen during the day, I didn’t want to let them stay in with the adult ducks until they were a little older.   They are not almost all feathered out, they are still a little young for me to tell if they are males or females.  I can sometimes tell when they are about 8 weeks old, which should be next week.

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