More Baby Goats


Posted by kat | Posted in Our Goats | Posted on 31-03-2012

Beckett my other doe that was due, had her babies tonight at some point.  She graced me with one of each,  so we again have a boy and a girl.  We will have to see if she is to be named Chrysanthemum or Delphinium.

Battle of the baby goat names


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So we came up with three girl names to name the baby girl goat were keeping, the three were Chrysanthemum, Delphinium and Dahlia.  Yes!  They are all type of flowers, but we seem to have themes to our names.    The first goats we had born here were name Midnight and Snowman.  Midnight was all black, except for a white mark on her leg where it met her hoof.   Snowman was all white, and the names seemed very fitting for them.   The next batch of goat’s, two of which were born here, were Casper the friendly goat, Castle and Beckett.  They were all from TV shows.  Which brings us to choosing names that were flowers.

I am sure your waiting to find out which name we choose, it wasn’t as simple as expected.    Each of our three kids, wanted a different name, so I posted the three names on Facebook.   And OF COURSE, the other two kids were not happy that the name they liked wasn’t picked.   Dahlia, won out as, it received 28 votes, and that’s not counting the 18 that came from the kids at school.

All I can hope is that the other goat that is due, any day know will have two baby girls, so that both names that are left can be used.

But I am not holding my breath as I am never that lucky.

Baby Goats


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Yesterday morning between 6 and 6:45am our baby goat’s were born.  Mom (Midnight) had them all cleaned up by the time I found them and got the kids out there.  We have one boy and one girl, they are doing great and are beyond cute.

Scrabbled Eggs


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Yesterday,  we went to a Geocaching event that was called Scrabbled Eggs.  It was put on by three women that call themselves the Tick magnets, and it was a lot of fun.  It started at 9am and was over around 12:15pm, we had to go to 8 different caches and get an egg from each location.  In the egg was a VERY well SEALED scrabble tile and each location also had an chick egg, that was a first to find egg.  The chick egg got you a special prize, the prize ended up being a 5 pk of Cadbury eggs, which my husband LOVES.  After you got all eight eggs, you then went back to the starting point and they then gave you your tiles and you had to come up with a  single word, using seven tiles just like in the game of scrabble.  We came up with SWEATED and received 11 points, which won us a prize.  Our prize was a wonderfully painted ammo can, which I plan on using for a cache that I have planned.  We had lot’s of fun and other than our older two kids bickering most of the time.

Spring Time


Posted by kat | Posted in Sandy Creek Farm | Posted on 16-03-2012


Spring time is just around the corner, I am counting down the days.  To be exact, there are four days left, to the official start of spring.   For that last week or two, the weather has been nicer and it actually makes you want to be outside in it.  Don’t get me wrong, Georgia for the most part has nice weather, but we are usually one extreme or the other and sometimes both in the same day.

What is so great about spring??? For some it heralds in allergy season, for other’s like myself, it heralds in the possibilities of a garden, of flip flop and sandals and shorts.  For those of us that have a farm, whether it is a big farm or a small farm it also heralds in baby animals.  We await the arrival of the first set of baby goats, due on the 25th and the next set due on April 1st.

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