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Yesterday, I decided that I really had to start working on my milking stand.  My oldest doe(Midnight) at the earliest was due yesterday(day 140) Goat’s have a 5 month gestation, they usually have kidded between day 145 and 150.   So at day 140 you start checking for kids, just in case you were off in your counting or were not sure of exact breeding day, and if they haven’t had kids by say day 155, you start checking twice a day for the same reason.

I have it mostly done, I want to put some sides on it, but I need to find some more scrap wood and then cut it to the right size.

Love doing crafts, but I am not crafty.


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I love to make stuff, I love to sew, cook, crochet, cross stitch and stuff.  The one problem I have with it all, is it never quite turns out the way I imagined in my head, or I get frustrated with how long it’s taking and so I just stop working on it.

Why are you asking am I mentioning this?  Well! Sunday night I decided I wanted to make a shawl, I had seen several pretty one and I wanted to say I had made it.

I don’t do the normal crochet that most people see, my grandmother taught me how to frame crochet, it is also know as Hair Pin Lace Crochet.  It is called that because they did it using women’s hair pin and or hat pins.   It is very pretty and very easy to do.  Here is a link to a YouTube video showing how it is done and the shawl that I plan on making. www.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DAu92IzOPU5E&h=xAQFLHlNqAQFgV3Lo7uApZNyvb7JHF3V0VzrlJ7izBNqG6Q


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