Meet the teachers


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Yesterday was meet the teachers.  We started off at my oldest’s school, since it was closer.   We met the homeroom teacher, left some of the larger school supplies in the class room so that it wouldn’t be so crazy carrying things to class on the first day.   School starts for middle school at 7:30am, which was the same as last year, school let’s out at 2:30pm, which is earlier than last year, but we were also on a 4 day school week last year.   I really liked the 4 day school week, because then I could do piano lessons and any Doctor appointment’s on Monday’s.

We then went to my middle and youngest kids school.  We met the middle’s three teachers and again left the larger supplies.  We then went and met the youngest’s teachers, my youngest was very excited as she got the same teacher’s one of her sister’s had.  We were allowed to leave all supplies in that class room, so that is one less thing to forget that morning.  School starts at 8:35am for them and get’s out at 3:30pm.

Re-stacking a wood pile


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Several months ago the goat’s, knocked over my wood pile, I had meant to go out there and move it because it had fallen over on to the side of the shed.    I had my husband help me move things so that it wouldn’t fall on the shed again, and to help level the area that we are keeping the wood, just in case that was some of the issue.   We have three, 8ft long racks for the wood, and we divided the rack’s in half, each rack has a little wood side and a big wood side.  That way we can grab either kind of wood we need from one rack as well as hopefully being able to stack it better.   I am not sure I have room for another 8ft rack, but I would love to get one more rack.  If I need more rack’s, I am either going to have to put them on the other side of the current racks or figure something else out.   The food storage program I use, says I need at lest 1 1/2 tons of wood per year for a family my size.   While clearing some of the fallen wood, I found a snake along with several frogs living in one of the bucket’s that I had been putting twigs in.   As much as I hate to admit it, we killed the snake.  It had too much of a triangular head for my liking.  I know what your going to say.  How could you kill a snake without knowing for sure that it was poisonous?    Here is my semi lame excuse’s; I have small kids that like to help me stack wood, I don’t want them getting hurt.  It’s better to be safe than sorry.     The rack’s are now up off the ground a bit in hopes that it will discourage anything from living in my wood pile.  I don’t need to get bitten, trying to add wood to the pile or taking wood from the pile and I sure don’t need my kids to get bitten either.

September’s Meal Menu


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Here is the menu for the meals for September.  Last month it was so easy and dinner was ready when I needed it to be.

Taco Salad all purpose meat mix
Hurry up curry Chicken meat mix
Meat loaf and tangy topper meat loaf mix
Mexican chicken Bake Chicken meat mix
Chimichangas mexican meat mix
Sweet and sour chicken Chicken meat mix
Week two Week two Week two
Stuffed green peppers meat loaf mix
Cream chicken enchiladas Chicken meat mix
swiss hamburger soup 5 way meat mix
Crunchy crust chicken crisp coating mix
vegtable cheese casserole 5-way meat mix
stuffed Manicotti shells italian cooking sauce
Week Three Week Three Week Three
three layer casserole meat sauce mix
Hot Dogs hot dogs
slumgullion all purpose meat mix
chicken tortilla corn soup chicken mix
Hamburgers hamburger meat
Tuna Fish
Week Four Week Four Week Four
Spegetti Casserole speggeti, hamburger meat
Baked Potato bar baked potatoes
Chili Beef for stew, red kidney beans, picante sauce, chili powder, oinon
Brocoli and cheese casserole Yellow mustard, Mushroom soup, milk, broccoli, cheddar cheese, bread crumbs, butter
Pasta Primavera Rotini, Broccoli, carrots and califlower, italian sauce, parmesan cheese
Hearty Ham and onion melts red onion, balsamic vinegar, bread, sliced ham, muenster or provolone cheese

To Market, To Market, Jiggity Jig


Posted by kat | Posted in Our Goats, Sandy Creek Farm | Posted on 24-08-2012

OK!, So I wasn’t going to the market to buy a fat pig.  I was going to market to see if I could sell the two male goats and one of the female goats.  I took them to the Taylor County Animal Auction, located in Reynolds, GA.  They sell every kind of fowl( chickens, ducks, doves, pigeons, turkey and guineas) I thought they only took chickens, or I would have taken my male ducks there.   They sell pigs, goats, rabbits and sheep.  I had never been to an animal auction before, and it was rather interesting.     The people that own and run it were very helpful and they even helped me figure out what the goats might go for.  They were even really nice about the fact we couldn’t stay till the end of the auction, they mailed me the check.   I got what I had hoped for on two of them and other goat while not quite what I thought still brought in enough that it was worth the 30 min trip.  I now have three less mouths to feed, one less goat to deal with at milking time and three less goats to untangle.   The kids loved looking at all the animals and maybe one of these day’s, when we have more time I will take them at let them watch the auction.  I will go back there again, and hopefully I will have more than just goat’s to sell, just wish that it was on the weekends.  They sell every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month.

Meal Menu Challenge


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If your at all like my family, there could be ton’s of food in the house and nothing will look good.  So you hem and haw, about what your going to cook or you tend to make pancakes or sandwiches for dinner, or even let the kids have milk and cereal.  While this is not really a bad thing, it is not really a good thing either.  So I decided that we were going to start doing monthly meal menus, I did this once when my youngest  was first born, and I kept it up until she was about 6 months old or so.  So as I have said, I am going back to planning out a month’s worth of meals and that started today August 1st.  Your probably wondering what we have planned.  I usually use my make a mix cookbook, but I couldn’t find it, so I am using Campbell Soup’s set of cookbook’s that my grandmother had sent me and some of the ones I cook already but know the family enjoys.  I entered everything into an excel spread sheet, printed it and hung it on the fridge.   I also made a column with what supplies are needed so I one can make up the shopping list easier, and two look at the list and grab everything so that I don’t have to keep looking at the recipe and stuff.  The table below is the meals that are planned out so far.  I didn’t include the supplies list, and if enough people want it, I can include the recipes.

Day Meal Sides Items Needed to make
Week one Week one Week one Week one
Wed Picante Skillet Chicken Chips and Dip, refried beans Chicken, Picante Sauce, chips, dip and refried beans
Thursday Beef & Mozzarella Bake Green Beans Beef, Green beans, basil, garlic powder, italuan sauce, cream of mushroom soup, shell pasta, mozzarella cheese
Friday Asian Chicken Stir Fry Rice Chicken, Instant Rice, Stir Fry Veggies
Saturday Mac and Cheese elbow noodles, cheddar cheese
Sunday Beef Stir Fry Cornstarch, beef broth, soy sauce, beef sirloin or top round steak, Stir Fri veggies, Garlic powder, rice
Monday Sicillian style Pizza italian sauce, mozzarella cheese, frozen bread dough
Tuesday Balsamic Beef and Mushrooms Mushrooms, beef chuck roast, italian sauce, balsamic vinegar, egg noodles, bacon
Week two Week two Week two Week two
Thursday Bacon and potato chowder Bacon, Russet Potatoes, onion, cream of potato soup, chives, cheddar cheese
Friday Taco Shredded Beef 16 Taco shells, beef chuck roast,  french onion soup, chili powder, cumin, cilantro, lettuce, sour cream, cheddar cheese
Saturday Chicken and Bean Burritos Chicken, tortillias, beans, Cheddar cheese soup, garlic powder, chili powder, black beans, pinto beans, lettuce, tomatoe
Sunday Italian Cheeseburger Pasta Corn Spiral Pasta, Hamburger meat, Spegetti sauce, mozzarella cheese
Monday Slow Cooker orange chicken Chicken, orange marmalade, chicken stock, teriyai sauce, garlic minced, green onions, cornstarch, walnuts, rice
Tuesday Creamy Souper Rice Bread or crakcers Rice, crackers, mushroom soup, chicken broth, parmeasan cheese
Week Three Week Three Week Three Week Three
Thursday Tuna fish Sandwiches Tuna, bread, mayo, pickle relish, crackers, cheese
Friday Cheeseburger Pasta hamburger meat, cheddar cheese soup, tomato soup, medium shell pasta
Saturday Chicken skillet Fajitas bonless chicken breast, green peppers, cream of chicken soup, cumin, chili powder, garlic powder, flour tortillas
Sunday Sloppy Joes Italiano hamburger meat, italian sauce, parmesan cheese, hamburger buns
Monday Hot Dogs chips hot dogs, hot dog buns, mustard, ketchup, mayo, pickle relish, chips
Tuesday Savory Pot Roast cream of mushroom soup, dry onion soup mix, red potatoes, carrots, bottom round roast or chuck pot roast
Week Four Week Four Week Four Week Four
Thursday Pancakes bacon
Friday Spegetti garlic bread, green beans italian sauce, spegeti noodles, hamburger buns, garlic bread, green beans
Saturday Quiche bacon, cheese, oinon,
Sunday Meat Loaf hamburger meat, onion, green pepper
Monday Broccoli & Cheese casserole broccoli, cheddar cheese, bread crumbs, mustard, mushroom soup
Tuesday Hamburgers chips, baked beans, coleslaw hamburger meat, hamburger buns, chips, coleslaw, baked beans


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