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This year for Thanksgiving, we only have my inlaws to go to, usually we do lunch with them and then dinner with my parents.  My parent’s are going to be out of town this year, so we will celebrate with them at a later date.   I am making a pumpkin cake(my husband’s family doesn’t like pumpkin pie) and I will make green bean casserole and sweet potatoes, from the ones I grew myself. 

This year, while it has been crazy I have lot’s to be thankful for, and sometimes I do not realise that I haven’t taken the time I should to remember that.  
My kids for the most part have been doing well in shcool, which is an improvment from last year
I was sick a lot ( I thought I kept getting a cold) so I went to my dr, and when that didn’t help much, a friend told me to go see an allergist and found out I am supposedly allergic to dust mites and a mold only found in Georgia.  ( I say supposedly as they don’t seem to effect me, until I am dusting or deep cleaning the house)
My husband had to have back surgery, to fix an old injury, we went through lots of red tape to finally get it to happen. (Insurance denied it twice, we had to do a peer to peer apeal)
My husband has a good steady job and I am thankful that it will let us pay of the medical bills, even if it takes us a year or two.  (All said and done, his surgery ended up being over $120K before insurance)
I have a roof over my head and food on the table
I have family and friends that are there for me when I need them and sometimes even when I don’t think I need them

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