I have been POSSESED, I am listening to CHRISTMAS MUSIC.


Posted by kat | Posted in Family Happenings | Posted on 24-11-2010

OK, It’s not like you think.  I am not possesed by some evil mean spirited spirit. OK! Maybe I have been possesed by an evil spirit in a way.  I WILL ADMIT IT, I HAVE BEEN LISTENING TO CHRISTMAS MUSIC AND IT’S NOT EVEN AFTER THANKSGIVNG YET.  OK!!! I don’t mean to shout and over use the caps key, but DANG IT!!!!!!! I am frusterated that for once I broke my own rule and listend to Christmas music early.  It happened very innocently, I SWEAR.  It happens that on the way to school, the kids and I play I Spy, and then they wanted to listen to music.  Usually it is the Not Your Mother LDS Music CD that I have( have another one, but it seems to be lost) and so we started alternating between the music and the playing I Spy, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon, and then swaping so the next day is music and then I spy.   So how did we get from listening to a cd to listening to Christmas Music(which is not on CD) I got tired of listening to the same ten songs, don’t get me wrong, they are very nice songs and very uplifting, but when you here them everyday for weeks, it get’s old.  So now it is one day the CD, and the other radio, which is how we came to be listening to Christmas songs, before Thanksgiving had even arrived.    I truly felt guilty about listening to the music, so laying in bed one night next to my husband.  I rolled over looked and him and of course being the nutcase that I can be sometimes, said in a very serious0 voice.  WE NEED TO TALK.  You have to realise that when I do it this way it totally drives my husband nuts, and not in the good way.   He says I make it sound so much like a life or death thing,  I really don’t mean to, I just can’t seem to help myself.   To make matter’s worse I ended up having my husband humming Christmas song right along, and WE both never listen to Christmas song until at least after Thanksgiving, and I even let the kids clean their room to Christmas songs.


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