Christmas In The South


Posted by kat | Posted in Family Happenings | Posted on 26-11-2010

This year for Christmas, my whole family is coming in except for one of my brother in laws who has to work.   I am excited to see my neices and nephews, and to be able to spend some time my with family, even if we are chaotic at best sometimes.   With my family(5), My oldest sister’s family (6) My next oldest sister’s family(4) My younger brother (2), My youngest brother(2) my grandmother and my parents(2) we will have 22  of the 23 people here for Christmas.    This year I am trying to make as many of the Christmas presents as possible, some of the people I am going to have to buy some of the supplies to make the things, but for most of them I already had the items on hand to make things.  Some of the items are going to be family gifts, to help with the having to take so much stuff back with them.

I know I have mentioned it before,  we have some family traditions that when we were younger were lots of fun.  We make potato pancakes for breakfast, we then open one present and our stockings.   We eat, clean up and start on the presents.  Someone then passes one present to each person and we each open it one at a time, we are not allowed to RIP the paper, unless we have asked first if it looks like it has been heavily used.  We reuse the paper a lot, I swear I have seen paper from when I was a kid.   We usually stop for lunch with is more potato pancakes,  we pick up where we left off, we might even stop for naps and or a family puzzle.  We have been known to end Christmas present at 10PM.  Sometimes my mom has been known to find more presents when she is cleaning up, so sometimes we even have Christmas the next day.

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