Winter Feeding


Posted by kat | Posted in Our Goats | Posted on 06-12-2010

About a week ago, I noticed that the goat have eaten all they can get to, and while I let them off the stake during the day,  I am going to have to start feeding them supplement other than the cup of grain they get a day.   Last month my parent’s mentioned that they had several bale of hay that they couldn’t feed to the horses and I could have it for the goats, my dad was kind enough to bring it over last night since I don’t have a truck, he brought me over about 10 bales of hay.

I gave them three flakes of hay last night and they seem to like it OK.  I really wish I had a good way to get the fence up so that they can roam and get what they could.  They have done an amazing job of grazing down the back yard, and I have been staking them out in the front yard, as it is still really overgrown with grass and brambles.   I have been staking her where I want my strawberry beds, as I figure it’s a good way to get the weeds gone and give them something more to eat.   I also take them out some warm water, so that the water takes longer to freeze.

I think that my does it pregnant, but since I am not really sure and other than a blood test, and or playing the waiting game, which I don’t mind doing,  I won’t know for sure.  I asked my dad about it and he looked at her yesterday, when he was here yesterday.  He told me there is a good chance, since she is with an intact male, she may just not be far enough a long to tell.   Goat’s carry for 5 months, and so I should know from late this month to sometime in March, depending on when she is was bred.  Since I have only seen him one time try and do anything.  The one time I did see, she did let him breed her, which would put it at the end of March, but he could have done thing earlier too and I just not notice, as I was not out there 24/7 with the goats.   She was acting funny, but from what I have been told, they act that way in heat as well.

I do love surprises, so I am not too worried, I just wanted to know so I could be prepared if something did go wrong.

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