Vaccinations, De-horning And More


Posted by kat | Posted in Our Goats | Posted on 12-02-2011

Today my dad, came over and helped me De-horn the baby goat’s, as well as vaccinated the adults.
I hate needles and as part of me trying to get over this, I want to learn to give shot’s to the goats.   When I say I hate needles, I can’t give blood or get shot’s without having to watch the whole thing, and have even flipped out a few times, when the nurses don’t want me to watch.   As a teenager, I remember having to give shot’s to one of my horses and I would lay the needle against the area where I was supposed to give the shot and then close my eyes,  right before I stuck the needle in.   I did not do this round of shot’s, but will most likely ask if I can try the next round as the adult’s will need booster’s and the babies will get their first set.  The adult’s got vaccinated for Tetanus and Clostridium.    The babies will get the same thing, when the are old enough, which will be in about six weeks, we will also be fixing the male goat’s at that time.  The males get a little too rough if they are left as buck’s, so my dad will be helping me to wether them.

We were not able to dehorn the buckling as he horn’s were already too big, we were able to do the doeling, and my dad had brought some numbing agent, so it would be less traumatic for the de-horning process.   I am going to wait and see if, I want to just leave horns on any I raise or de-horn them after I see how things go this time.

I really would like to have a few more goats, but I am really not sure how many more I want.  I only have 5 1/2 acres and I don’t want to over crowd it with animals and then have to spend lots of money on feed.  I think I would like at least two more doe’s and then I will either sell any and all males or sell them as meat.

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