Milking, it’s harder than it looks


Posted by kat | Posted in Our Goats | Posted on 08-03-2011

So my doe started weaning her babies, and she is only letting them nurse when she eats her meals, which is twice a day.  A friend of mine has goats, but none of her’s are in milk right now, so she asked me if I knew how much my doe was giving, since she thought I was milking her, which I wasn’t until she weaned the babies.  So since she usually only let’s the babies eat when she is eating her grain, I figured that would be the best time to try and milk her, well! it didn’t work out that way.  I think I will start milking her, and see if I can get better at it and I will need to build a milk stand or see if I can buy one used.

She was a little antsy, but as soon as I held her collar, she wasn’t so bad.  I also didn’t think about, that fact that the kids are still loose, so I had to tie them up as they were trying to nurse her while I was trying to milk her, on top that every time I bent over, they would try and climb up me.   So I had to stop and tie them up, after I found some rope, and then went back to trying to milk her.  I have milked a cow before, but this is a bit different than milking a cow, and I figured it wouldn’t be that hard.  Long story short my doe kept knocking over the container I was trying to milk into and I know understand why most places have milking stands and what not to keep the animals in place.  I think I might have gotten a cup’s worth of milk, but I am really not sure.

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