A shed finally


Posted by kat | Posted in House Projects | Posted on 03-04-2011

Currently all our tools and food storage are in the house, this wouldn’t normally be a bad thing.  The only problem is that, while we have a fairly good sized house, a lot of the space is not utilized very well.   I have lot’s of cupboards in my kitchen, but only three of them actually had shelfs, and a few of them only had a partial shelf.  I added a few shelf’s where and when I could, but it still hasn’t given us enough space.   So I have been saving up to build one, we didn’t want anything smaller than a 12×24 and we figured that it would take us about $3,000-$4,000 for us to build one.   A friend recently bought a shed, and found a good deal on one, so I looked into the place and was able to find one that would work.  The place deals in new and used sheds, the used ones are still in decent shape and since we didn’t care if it had been owned before or not, as long as it fit with what we were willing to spend.  They happened to have an 12×32 shed that is all wood construction and it had a rolling garage door as well as a regular door, it only has one window, but we didn’t really care about how many window’s it has.  So we talked it over and decided to go ahead and take it, we would still be with out a shed if we tried to build it ourselves, it’s not that we don’t know how to do it, it’s just that it never seems to get done, when we try and do things ourself.  My fence around our property is a perfect example, it’s still not done and we have been here for 11, year’s next month.  It’s not that we procrastinate or anything, it’s just that with kids, my husband’s health issues and life in general, something always comes up that causes delays.

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