A headache the size of a goat.


Posted by kat | Posted in Gardening(herbs, flowers,veggies and trees), Our Goats | Posted on 07-05-2011

You know the the saying goes, when you have a really bad headache?   It might be I have a headache the size of Texas or Alaska?  Well!!!!  I have a headache the size of a goat.    I mean this LITERALLY!!!!   We have four goat’s currently, two does and two wethers.  The two does are fine, haven’t given me too much trouble, the wether’s on the other hand have been a pain.   It’s not really the little wether that is giving me such a headache, it’s the almost full grown one that is giving me this headache.   I bought him as a companion to my doe, at the time he wasn’t fixed and I didn’t really care if he was able to get her pregnant or not.  The kids named him Casper the friendly goat.   He had been bottle raised and was SUPER FRIENDLY,  normally this is a good thing, but not in this case.   He tries to push the kids around at a first they think it is funny, but after a while it get’s really old.  He is very pushy, some of that is because I wasn’t very smart and didn’t get him fixed until he was a year old and some of that is because he was bottle raised.  On top of the kids not always wanting him to play with them, he is also the one the has gotten into my garden the most.  He doesn’t seem to care, that I have sprayed him with water in the face, or that I have even taken a stick and smacked him on the butt.   The day before yesterday, I had planted my pepper’s, an hour later I found him in the garden, and he had taken all the tops off the pepper plants and off of all but like 5 tomato plants.  This he had also gotten the doe (Midnight) to join him in the garden, which she normally stays away from.   He is also the one I find more often than not trying to test the fence which I have up, even though it is field fencing it still bends really well and if he tries to rest all his weight on it, it usually bends enough that he can then jump the fence.   After talking to the kids, we have decided to keep the two does and sell, give a way the two males.  I can’t wait to get rid of this headache and hopefully have my garden back so that I can have all the good veggies I want to eat.

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