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Posted by kat | Posted in Family Happenings | Posted on 25-11-2012

So I asked my sister what she wanted for Christmas, and since my family tries to keep things practical and thing people need, figured that what ever she told me shouldn’t be too hard.  I was right and WRONG at the same time.   So where to start????  She mentioned a game the family loves to play called Settler’s of Catan.  I had heard of this game, but had never played it.  She wanted items to replace the cardboard pieces that are very easily worn over time.

So let’s start with the pieces (from my understanding) that would come with the game if you bought it and an expansion pack for 2 players.

19- Hexagon shaped cardboard pieces
19- Numbered circles
1- Robber ( think this is one of the few wood or plastic pieces)
9- Small triangle ports
30- Small houses= Settlements
24- Large houses= Cities
84 Straight pieces = Roads
2 dice
1 pack of game cards

Here is what I used.  Just a side note, getting enough for one means that you could make up to THREE full sets, if you had that many card sets.

Hexagon shaped 2 inch wood from


Circles bought in a pack from Hobby Lobby


Ports ( They were out of triangles, so I cut them in half with an exact o knife)



Bought at Walmart in the craft section.  They are called Skinny Sticks and it was a bag of 75

So here is the next step.

I cut the roads to be 1 1/2 long, they need to be just shorter than your hexagons.

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