From a Nuc to 8 frame hive


Posted by kat | Posted in Our Bees, Sandy Creek Farm | Posted on 19-04-2012

OK, So I went out about 2:30pm and tried to switch my bee’s from the Nuc to the 8 frame hive I got for Christmas.   I love it when I get what is on my wish list.

First I put on my veil and gloves.  I put rubber bands around my wrists to keep my long sleeved shirt closed better.  Then I went and got my smoker, which I couldn’t keep going.  So I then went into the house and got spray bottle and put in sugar water, I sprayed down the opening to the Nuc a few times, then unscrewed the top to the Nuc.   I carefully took off the top to the nuc and sprayed any bee’s that were stuck to the top and any that were on the frames.  I did have to carefully pry apart the frames, the bee’s had started to stick them together, I tried to pull out the frames but I couldn’t keep a good hold of it with the gloves on, so I took them off and had an easier time of pulling them out.   Because I have an 8 frame hive and the Nuc was a 5 frame, I put two empty frames on one side and one empty frame on the other for expansion, with the 5 frames from the nuc sandwiched in the middle.  I think I might have gotten stung, but it didn’t hurt so I am wondering if I might not have hit a dead bee as there were several SMOOSHED against the side of the nuc.  All it did to my finger was make it itch and swell a little, it turned red after I started scratching it.
All in all, I am rather proud of myself for having transfered 5 frames loaded with bees and stuff into the new hive by myself and with no one there watching telling me what to do.

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