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I have been doing genealogy since I was 14, and needed a good project for a my church’s youth program.  The Personal Progress program, was founded to help Young Women ages 12 to 18 to grow and become well rounded youth. What does this have to do with DNA testing with Ancestry.com?  I am getting to that, but first I sort of have to lay some backstory.

I started by talking to my parents and finding out who would be the best to talk to about family names.  I called my grandparents and got what I could from them.  This is what I started out with.

Dad’s side of the Family
Grandfather: Frank Walter Lochner born Feb 10th 1916 Clevland Ohio
Great Grandfather:  James Vaclay Lochner  he was born in Czechoslovakia
Great Grandmother: Rose Eggert born in New York

Grandmother: Helen Imogene Glass born Sept 28th 1918 Tucson, pima, Arizona
Great Grandfather: Earnest Truman Glass
Great Grandmother: Bernice Granville

Mother’s side of the family
Grandfather: Philip Berkley Kraus
Great Grandfather: Charles Augustus Kraus
Great Grandmother: Fredericka Fietshans

Grandmother: Majorie Regina Patt
Great Grandfather: Rev. Herman George Patt
Great Grandmother: Mary Alvina Wackerbath or Wackerbarth

Most of my mom’s side of the family came from England or Germany and my dad’s side came from Germany, Ireland, and Czechoslovakia.  Both sides of the family had stories that I remember hearing, about how we had several Native American Indian family members, but we were never able to prove this.  This is where the DNA testing comes in, when I first heard about it, they wanted several hundred dollars for the test.  I of course couldn’t afford that, so I waited, since it was still a fairly new concept as well, I figured it could only come down in price and get better the longer I waited.  So I stuck it on my Birthday/Christmas wishlist and one year, I got a test from my inlaws.  It was from a company called Connectmydna and this is the results it came up with from strongest to weakest.    Asia- Veitnam           Middle East/North Africa- Iran       Europe-Bosnia      Central/South America- Puerto Rico       Africa- Nigeria.  If you clicked on each area, they did list all the countries that were part of that region.    This did not match anything I knew,  and so I waited again for them to go on sale and asked again for a test.  This time it came from Ancestry.com and their results were as follows  38% Europe West  37%  Great Britain  12% Europe East and 6% Ireland.  I also had trace regions,  5% Iberian Peninsula  2% Italy/Greece and less than 1% Scandinavia, only surprise was that they didn’t detect any Native American Indian.  A friend of mine did mention that they only test 40 genes out of 700,000, so I could have some and it just wasn’t one of the random genes tested.

We are even having the kids tested to see what they end up getting with my husband being 63% Great Britain.

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