How we came to smash coins


Posted by kat | Posted in Elongated Coins, Smashing Pennies | Posted on 30-03-2006

By Katrina and Zac Gowen Tec # 3238 and 3239

My husband and I have been collecting and rolling coins for a little over a year now. We got our start a little bit differently from most rollers. We’ve seen many elongated coins machines over the years and have even bought a couple, but more as a curiosity than any thing else.

All that changed when we started playing an international treasure hunting game called Geocaching. ( This is a game where you use a GPS to find treasure boxes, called caches, that people have hidden, and then you trade for any item that is in the cache. Items include maps, books, software, hardware, CD’s, videos, pictures, jewelry, tickets, antiques, tools, games, and of course coins.

Many Geocachers trade signature items have their team name and logo on them. These items are very collectable among Geocachers. These signature items include handmade whistles, hat pins, trading cards, coins and many other things. One of the most popular items is coins. We’ve seen custom tokens, wooden nickels, challenge coins, and hand painted coins.

When we decided to get a signature item of our own we knew we wanted a coin of some kind. We considered tokens, custom poker chips, even wooden nickels. Eventually we found a web site selling custom elongated coins and knew that we had found what we were looking for.

After a bit of research we found that we could get a used hand cranked penny press for about twice what a custom order would cost us. We figured we could press our own coins whenever we wanted, sell a few custom orders to our Geocaching friends and at the end of the day we would break even. Well one thing led to another and what was supposed to be just for us and a few friends soon became a home business named Smashing Pennies. We setup our website and received a bunch of custom orders from Geocachers around the world. After pressing a few thousand coins by hand, and a very sore shoulder, we decided to get an electric machine.

The majority of our orders have been signature items for Geocachers but we have done coins for other clubs, business, and even a personalized wedding proposal that read “Tua, will you marry me? Gerry.” Of course she said “yes”. Who would turn down an elongated coin?

We also designed the first, of what we hope will be 50 commemorative elongated state quarters. Since we live in Georgia we started with our states design. We submitted this coin to go out with the next issue of the TEC Newsletter, to join TEC you can go to

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I think the state quarter elongateds are a great i dea i cant wait for my home state of maryland’s coin to come out. maybe we can make a deal for the entire 50 states set or something.


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