Finally have some things planted


Posted by kat | Posted in Gardening(herbs, flowers,veggies and trees) | Posted on 29-01-2009

Yesterday I got two sets of onions in; I still have one set left to get in, but I wanted to get my lettuce, spinaich, and some of the other plants I have in.    I bought two kind of lettuce; red tipped and buttercrunch, I got both kinds planted and hope that we do not have any more really cold temps at night.   I got a new kind of spinaich it is called Vancouver; I sometimes like to try diffrent things and if I like it I get it again, it’s really the only good way to know what you like.    I also got the broccoli planted; I got early divedend and I think I liked it from last year, this year I plan on writing down what I like.   I still have to plant the cabbage and the califlower, which I should be able to get done tomorrow.

My pea’s are up and they are looking good; I can’t wait to have fresh peas, I couldn’t get more seed as they havn’t come into the seed store yet, but I am going to get more of the sugar snap peas that have edible pods as that’s what my kids like.  I also need to get bean seeds; I can’t find mine this year that I had left over from last year, I am hoping to plant enough green beans this year that I can put some in the freezer.

The radishes have started to sprout; some how a few seed got spilled on the ground and I any that I saw I have tried to plant where I planted radishes but I am not sure how good of a job I have done.

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