42 eggs, 4 kittens, 1 goat and a garden


Posted by kat | Posted in Gardening(herbs, flowers,veggies and trees), Sandy Creek Farm | Posted on 13-02-2009

I have 42 eggs in the incbator that are of different type of eggs; some are Easter Eggers, and the rest I have no clue what breed they are.  They are due to hatch the first week in March; that is if nothing goes wrong and I can keep my youngest from opening the incubator anymore,  I found it open this morning and the temp was at about 70 when it should be at 99.5.  I also get to wean the kittens in the next few weeks, they are 4 weeks old today and are able to be weaned between ages 6-8 weeks.  I think my goat might be pregnant as she is starting to look a little funny, if she is I am guessing that she could be due sometime in March.    I have my garden planted with the things that can be planted; and am planning where I will put the tomatoes and other things I can plant in March.    I can’t believe that February is almost over; it sure seems like we just got started with the year, and yet we are already two months into things.    I started tomatoes inside and they look really good; they can go out about the middle of March, I hope that we don’t get a late frost or it won’t matter how well they look, they will end up frost bitten and may or may not make it.   I have started Roma’s; 3 different cherry tomatoes, Red cherry, Supper Sweet and Jelly bean.  I  still have to go get the seed for the Large tomatoes, I might just also spend the money and buy them already started.

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42 eggs, 4 kittens, 1 goat and a garden. It really sounds interesting. Isn’t it ?

I LOVE IT!!!!! I am also just about to get ducks and turkeys, I amalso thinking about geese. I am so excited!!!!!! Eventually I want a cow or two and would love to have a horse again.

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