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Posted by kat | Posted in Holidays | Posted on 26-12-2007

Well! so much has happened in the last few months.

Back in Septermber I started a new business, it is called Fox Valley Engraving. I am designing the website myself. Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think.

On November 26th I had my tonsils removed, they said it was a must since I had 10 cases of Strep Throat this year. It was not as hard to recover from as I had expected, but it is something I would not go though unless it was needed.

We had a great Christmas and while it was long, it was fun. We have a very intresting mix of family traditions.

My family starts with opening one gift and our stockings, we then help peel potatoes so dad can make potatoe pancakes. We eat breakfast, clean up and then we start opening presents. We are not allowed to open them all at once or rip the wrapping paper. We each get a present which we open one at a time and with out ripping the paper, this continues until lunch time when we usually stop for lunch and wrapping of any presents that got forgotten. We also use this time to stop and play with some of the presents and or do a family project. When that is over we continue on with opening presents. This can take a long time depending on how much of my family is together.

My husbands family does things a little diffrent, but that is just fine.
They start with stockings and then go straight into opening presents, they usually also have at least one of the gifts be P.J’s. They have the traditon of ripping the wrapping paper and the messier the better. It usually doesn’t take long to be done with things.

This year it took us from 9:30am until 9:30pm to be done with Christmas. We started with my family; and when they stopped for lunch, we went to my husbands family. We had lunch with them after we opened all the presents and then we went back to my family to finish up things with them and had dinner.

The neatest gift we gave to most of my family and to my inlaws were Mushroom Growing kits from

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