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Posted by kat | Posted in Gardening(herbs, flowers,veggies and trees) | Posted on 30-04-2009

Well! In some ways I have done better at gardening then I have in the past; but in other ways I have done worse.    I had all my peas in alot sooner than I did this year, I still have two rows to plant.   Last year I had my corn and squash in already and I just planted my squash today, I still have to plant corn and I am not sure where to even put it.  I also had my beans in already and I still need to plant them, as well as the sweet potatoes.   I do have some potatoes in; I planted them in buckets this year and we will see if that helps with me knowing where I planted them any easier.  I  also planted okra this year; I tried last year but only got a few okra.   I also need to plant my cantalope and watermellon soon.    I am hoping that even thought the chickens got my califower and the broccoli that I can still get something off the plants as they are just now putting leaves back on.  My onions seem to be doing well and I did get my peppers planted; I am hoping that the peppers and tomatoes do well this year, so that I can make salsa.      I still have ton’s of weeding to do and I really need to get stakes for the tomatoes and the cucumbers.   I tried to get only heirloom type tomatoes so that I can get the seeds and cut down on the cost of my gardening, heirloom plants mean that they are good to save the seed from and they will be just like the plant that you harvested from.  Hybrids you won’t know what you get if you take the seeds and plant them.  I am trying to find a list of all the heirlooms plant that way I can only plant those kind of plants.

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